Advanced Anti-Aging Training - 2-Day Seminar - January, 25-26, 2012 - Paris If you cannot see this message correctly, follow this link ANTI-AGING FOR THE SKIN
Beautifying the Skin from the Inside
ECAAM 2012
Renowned experts will propose an Advanced Training in Anti-Aging Treatments to Enhance the Skin in a very practical and interactive format.
Proposed by the European Organization for Scientific Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine and endorsed by WOSIAM (World
Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine), the ECAAM (European Course in Anti-Aging Medicine) offers you the
possibility to gradually learn theoretical & practical data at the same time, for a safe practice of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Who may attend?
Only licensed physicians may attend these trainings to acquire or improve an adequate knowledge to prescribe Preventative
and Anti-Aging therapies (including safe hormone replacement therapies).
The purpose being to provide practical knowledge applicable in the everyday practice, the content will focus on well-being and
well-aging scientific based therapies, the public concerned is:
- Anti-Aging practitioners seeking to obtain up-to-date information to improve their consultation
- Aesthetic practitioners: Dermatologists, Plastic and Aesthetic surgeons and Aesthetic physicians, willing to obtain anti-
aging knowledge to include in their own practice for a global Anti-Aging management of their patients
- General Medicine physicians willing to have a more preventive approach of their patients’ management, to be able to
offer them safe therapies for a better health, and an additional competence to address their patients to the corresponding
specialists and coordinate their management in cooperation with them (gynecolologists, endocrinologists, andrologists,
cardiologists, etc…).
- Medical Spa practitioners, for up-to-date information applicable to the Medical Spa.
- Specialists from different fields of medicine: gynecolologists, endocrinologists, andrologists, cardilologists,
neurologists…etc, with the objective to include more prevention and global ageing management of their patients.
Certificate provided
The participants will receive a certificate of attendance to the seminar listing all the topics presented
during the concerned training with the mention:
“Certificate of Post-University Education in Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics"
Number of seats limited. Please, send a CV. 23/01/2012 Advanced Anti-Aging Training - 2-Day Seminar - January, 25-26, 2012 - Paris PROGRAM OF THE SEMINAR:
Dr. Claude DALLE
Morning Session (9:00-12:00):
The new physiology of skin & hair; a neuroendocrine organ. Medicine, President of the French Society of Anti-Aging Medicine. Editor-in-chief of Prime Exploring the receptors; where, how to act. (International Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medical Publication), Vice- All the hormonal secretions; estrogens, progesterone, Dhea, melatonine, cortisol, thyroid hormones… PRP (plasma rich platelets), Director of the Scientific Comittee Discover the skin neurotransmitters system; dopamine, Dr. Sylvain-Romain COTTE
Inner treatments for skin (hormones, vitamines, nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, plants, fatty acids, food); Expertise group in cosmetics), CEO of International Beauty Office Afternoon Session (14:00-18:00):
Outer treatments for skin (hormones, plants, vitamines, Longevity skin solutions (eye, front, nose, lips, cheek, hair); Pr. Bernard WEBER
Special update for preparations (creams, topics, lotions), medical laboratory based in Luxembourg, Europe. Laboratoires Reunis is a national leader in the Gender differences in therapeutic approach.
field of predictive genetics and molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases and is ISO 15189 accredited since 2006. 10 Practical cases for your practice.
Claude DALLE
90 Avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris - France

Morning Session only (9:00-12:00):
Tips & tricks for practical prescriptions in skin complements, Download the Registration Form
respecting gender differences (vitamins, nutrients, fatty Tips & tricks for practical hormones in your office for well being & longevity. (Part I) Tips & tricks for practical hormones in your office for well Do not answer to this email, you can SEND A MESSAGE by using this CONTACT Follow this link to UNSUBSCRIBE your email from our database 23/01/2012


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