Creative Prayer Ideas
1. Breaking Chains
Give each member of the group/congregation a slip of paper,
approximately 2X8 cm. (Alternatively, use pre-prepared paper chain packs.) Ask each person to write a prayer for the victims or perpetrators of human trafficking on their slip of paper. Join the strips into one long chain. Invite the group/congregation to hold the chain above their heads. Then read a prayer out loud together, and when you reach the ‘amen’, everyone should demolish as much of the chain as they can, as a sign of God’s desire for the chains of injustice to be broken. 2. Sharing Burdens
Acquire a piece of chain and a padlock. (You can buy these from any DIY
shop.)In your small group prayer time, give one person the chain, and
ask them to hold it.
As they feel the weight, coldness and hardness of it, invite them to pray
for those who live in slavery today.
When they have prayed, invite them to pass it to the next person, to do
the same thing.
Repeat this, until everyone in the group has held the chain and prayed.
(NB. This activity is best suited to small groups)
3. Getting the size of it
Choose some of the statistics relating to the problem of human
trafficking in the world today. Help people to grasp the vastness of the
problems by representing those vast numbers in visual form, using every-
day items (grains of rice, beads, and sticky dots).
(NB. There’s no need to be totally accurate – you don’t need to count the grains of rice!) 4. Taster Session
One of the least-known aspects of human trafficking is domestic slavery –
thousands of people (many of them children) are bought and sold every
year, to do menial domestic labour in homes and restaurants, for little or no pay. Buy a sack of potatoes - the muddier the better. Ask everyone to bring a potato peeler to the meeting. Instead of your usual prayer time, set to work cleaning and peeling all the potatoes. As you work, pray for those whose whole lives consist of this kind of work. You might then like to use the potatoes in a shared meal together. 5. Scripture Prayers
Find about 10 verses from the Bible about God’s heart for the poor, the
oppressed, widows and orphans. Before your Sunday meeting, select 10 people from the congregation, and give them a verse each (try to choose those who rarely do ‘up-front’ things). In the prayer time, ask them simply to stand up where they are, one at a time, and read their verse. (NB. This activity is most effective when you have primed them beforehand, so that it comes as a surprise to the congregation. Hearing God’s heart, spoken by unfamiliar voices from different parts of the building, can be very striking.) 6. Local Focus
This call to prayer lasts just a few days, but the problem of trafficking
will be around for much longer. Do some investigations in your local
community, and choose some mid/long-term prayer goals to work
towards together.
Ask the police whether they believe trafficked people live in your area, and if so, how many. Commit to praying that the police will successfully prosecute perpetrators, and that the number will decrease over the next year. Are there shops which display adult magazines where children can see them? Begin to pray together that shopkeepers will change their practices. In this case, writing to the shop owners as well as praying could be an effective way forward. God’s word is clear and unequivocal that we should welcome the foreigners in our midst, regardless of how they come to be there. Begin a campaign of kindness towards those of other cultures who live in your area. Pray for them, and find ways to bless them.


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