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Lab 3.7: Juliet’s Fertility Cycle
Once again, the functioning of one’s body is a locus of profound personal meaning. It makes sense to relate new science learning On the other hand, such a point of personally meaningful experience is very sensitive to rough or crude treatment from others, especially in the presence of the opposite sex. If this is to be a positive learning experience for everyone, then everyone must be held to a high standard of sensitivity for the feelings of The quantities of hormone in the exercise are provided as “percentages of a median maximum level” for many women. In fact, the concentration of each hormone in micrograms per litre are very different. In general, only very tiny amounts of FSH and LH are needed to affect the changes in the follicle. The changing follicle, in turn, produces tens and hundreds of times greater concentrations of estrogen and progesterone.
The list of emotional and physical changes during the fertility cycle are gathered from a number of sources. Not every woman experiences every change. There is much less data on the male fertility cycle. It is a daily cycle, and the physiological and emotional changes are not readily separated from other daily Each graph is related to its effects in the fertility cycle.
This activity will not take long. A video, further reading, or another activity will be needed to complete the day’s work.
Activity 3.8 could be completed, along with this one, in one You may wish to photocopy several extra copies of the data and the graphs to help speed up the process.
Knowledge: Quality of discussion of the graphs Act. 3.7: Juliet’s Fertility Cycle
What’s The Question? Like every other young woman, Juliet’s body
undergoes a cycle every month. This delicate, complex series of changes prepare her body to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term. What Are We Doing?
There are four sex hormones circulating in Juliet’s bloodstream. Each hormone level rises and falls at certain times during her cycle. On the table at left are daily measurements of Juliet’s Use a pencil to plot the values of each hormone on the graphs at the back. Be very careful to check that you are putting the data in Connect the points with a smooth curve.
What Are We Thinking About?
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) causes one follicle to grow. As it grows, it produces Estrogen, and eventually release an ovum. Luteinizing Hormone LH changes the follicle into a white body Estrogen generally increases fertility and prepares the body for Progesterone maintains the body’s state of readiness for pregnancy. When the body is no longer prepared to become pregnant, and the lining of the uterus is shed in the menstrual period.
Questions For Later. .
Once the ovum is released, it only lives for a few hours. If Juliet is going to have a baby, when must Romeo’s sperm cells be present? Juliet is much more than a collection of hormones. Her whole person is involved in this remarkable cycle. List some ways that Romeo could demonstrate respect for Juliet’s whole person.


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