Biopolymers and Biomaterials
A rheological study of the effect of xanthan gum and chitosan on progesterone microemulsionsCorrias F., Díez-Sales O., Dolz M., Herraez M., Casanovas A., Hernández M.J. Linear viscoelasticity of Carob protein isolate/Locust bean gum blendsZárate L., Bengoechea C., Aguilar J.M., Guerrero A. Rheological studies on the gelation of soy protein hydrolysates: Effect of protein hydrolysis degree and galactomannan additionMonteiro S.R., Lopes da Silva J.A. Interfacial rheological behavior of Gluten and Soy protein films at the oil/water interfaceLópez L., de la Fuente J., Ruiz M., Guerrero A. Polyestolides as viscosity modifier of vegetable oil for lubricant applicationsGarcía-Zapateiro L.A., Franco J.M., Valencia C., Gallegos C. Ice crystal dynamics controlled by molecular mobility at different scalesMolina-García A.D. Rheological properties of aqueous dispersions of a new galactomannan derived from Prosopis juliflora seedsAlfaro M.C., Rincón F., Muñoz J., García M.C., Calero N., Leon de Pinto G. Thermomechanical characterization of crayfish flour as a function of moisture contentGuerrero A., Romero A., Farahnaky A.P., Hill S., Mitchell J.R. Food Rheology
Rheometric analysis of viscoelastic properties of cebreiro cheeseFerreiro M., Campo-Deaño L., Tovar C.A. Dynamic oscillatory tests in creamy cheeses with low fat contentGómez-Merino A.I., Rubio-Hernández F.J., Gómez-Merino F.G., Velázquez-Navarro J.F., Reina-González J.C. Influence of the addition of different starters culture and rennets on the rheological properties of a type-Arzúa-Ulloa cheeseBaixauli R., Magdalena J., Martínez S., Méndez J. l-Carrageenan as fat substitute in dairy products. Flow behaviour and viscoelastic properties. Chuliá I., Costell E., Bayarri S. Fine tuning the feeding temperature of a pilot plant for buttermilk emulsions. The rheological approach.
García M.C., Zapata I., Calero N., Alfaro M.C., Muñoz J. Effect of pH on the rheologvy of O/W emulsions stabilised by a dairy by-productZapata I., García M.C., Calero N., Alfaro M.C., Muñoz J. Rheological properties of freeze/thawed white sauces prepared with native and modified starches. Effect of reheatingArocas A., Sanz T., Fiszman S.M. Influence of hydrocolloids in the freeze-thawed stability of white sauces prepared with native starchesArocas A., Sanz T., Fiszman S.M. Influence of gel setting conditions on the linear viscoelastic properties of multicomponent gels with microalgal biomass additionBatista A.P., Nunes M.C., Gouveia L., Sousa I., Raymundo A., Franco J.M. FOOD-10 Properties of edible films whey-based as influenced by organic acids and antimicrobial agents Pintado C.M.B.S., Ferreira M.A.A.S., Sousa I. FOOD-11 Rheological study about enzymatic inhibition of EDTA, sorbitol and ovalbumin on the gelling properties of squid surimi FOOD-12 Physicochemical, functional and rheological properties of protein powders prepared from Cape hake by-products Pires C., Costa S., Batista A.P., Nunes M.C., Raymundo A., Batista I. FOOD-13 Texture of low calories soft sponge cake - correlation of instrumental and sensory evaluation FOOD-14 Comparison of dynamic and steady viscosities of fresh and frozen mashed potatoes with different cryoprotectant mixtures Férnandez C., Álvarez M.D., Canet W. FOOD-15 Rheological properties of cut fruits using anti-oxidizing agents Gómez-Merino A.I., Rubio-Hernández F.J., Gómez-Merino F.G., Velázquez-Navarro J.F., Reina-González J.C. FOOD-16 Classification of dysphagia-oriented products based on the clustering of rheological tests data Casanovas A., Dolz M., Hernández M.J., Martí-Bonmatí E. FOOD-17 Linear viscoelasticity of heat-induced egg albumen gels Aguilar J.M., Jaramillo A., Cordobés F., Guerrero A.

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ALFA Musicorum Convivium e La serva Padrona ALFA MC presenta l'ensemble Eptafon ne "La Serva Padrona", intermezzo buffo di G.B. Pergolesi con: Serpina Fausta Ciceroni, Uberto Alessio Magnaguagno, Vespone Ariele Vincenti, M.o concertatore Alessandro di Petrillo e la piccola orchestra da camera Eptafon. La Serva Padrona, ossia la storia infinita del primato di quella metà del ciel

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GMB ACCUSE REDBRIDGE HEAD TEACHERS OF SEEKING TO SACK 15 SCHOOL SUPPORT STAFF AND REFUSING TO ALLOW GMB TO REPRESENT MEMBERS FACING THE SACK There are formal procedures in place and the Head Teachers have not followed these or given any consideration to the wellbeing of their support staff says GMB GMB, the union for school support staff in Redbridge, has accused the senior Head T

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