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(WORKSHOP) AND OTHER MINERALS. i) Magnesium induced neuropathy in patients on regular dialysis treatment (POSTER) ii) Reversal of osteomalacia in chronic dialysis patients with heavy iron and aluminium loading (POSTER) Co-author 4th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON PERITONEAL DIALYSIS. Dialysate protein losses – The effect of underlying renal pathology (POSTER). Co-author i) 8 years of uninterrupted CAPD treatment using the original PD cannula. (POSTER). Co-author ii) Intraperitoneal insulin - A protocol for administration during CAPD (POSTER). Co-author Dr Rasheed Ahmad Last updated: January 2008 INTERNAL ORGANS. The effect of re-use of Cuprophane Dialysers on Pulmonary Function.(PAPER). Co-author of Aluminium Bone Disease in patients on regular dialysis treatment. (POSTER) Co-author ii) Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Therapy in patients with Aluminium related Anaemia and Receiving Regular Dialysis Treatment. (POSTER). Co-author iii) Recombinant Human Erythropoitin Suppresses Plasma Renin and Aldosterone in Patients on Chronic Dialysis. (POSTER) Co-author Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis in blind diabetics. (POSTER) Is Silicon Protective in Aluminium Overloaded Patients on Regular Haemodialysis Treatment.(POSTER) Co-author XII INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF NEPHROLOGY i) A simple approach to the management of CAPD fungal peritonitis.(POSTER). Co-author ii) Accumulation of 3-carboxy-4- methyl 5-propyl 2-funranpropanoic acid (FPA) in patients on regular dialysis treatment (RDT). (POSTER) Co-author The relationship of serum silicon to aluminium in regular dialysis treatment.(PRESENTATION) co-author PANCREAS AND ISLET TRANSPLANTATION ASSOCIATION Selection for low cardio-vascular risk markedly improves patient and graft survival in pancreatico-renal Dr Rasheed Ahmad Last updated: January 2008 transplant recipients. (PRESENTATION). Co-author Skeletal muscle function in uraemia (POSTER) Co-author Aetiology of fatigue in dialysis patients.(POSTER) Co- ASSOCIATION - EUROPEAN RENAL ASSOCIATION. XXXII CONGRESS Muscle weakness in dialysis patients. (PRESENTATION). Co-author ASSOCIATION - EUROPEAN RENAL ASSOCIATION. XXXII CONGRESS Fatigue in dialysis patients: Is it central or peripheral. (POSTER). Co-author 19 Stockholm, SWEDEN THE 7th CONGRESS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF PERITONEAL DIALYSIS Muscle weakness in CAPD patients (PRESENTATION). Co-author NEPHROLOGY. Quadriceps muscle function and electrophysiology in dialysis patients. (POSTER) Co-author TRANSPLANTATION SOCIETY i) Thrombocytosis in Pancreatico-Renal Transplant Recipients Sharma A.K., Sells R.A., Brown M.W., Taylor J.D. and Ahmad R. ii) Analysis of risk factors in the outcome of renal transplantation in older. Sharma A.K., Sells R.A., Brown M.W. and Ahmad R. CAPD Malnutrition - Assessment and Mortality Dr Rasheed Ahmad Last updated: January 2008 Shivakumar K.A., Fass G., Gradden C. and Ahmad R. (POSTER) INTRAPERITONEAL AMINO ACIDS IN PATIENTS ON Gradden C., Shivakumar K.A., Livesley P., Marshall L., Ahmad R. Is Automated Peritoneal Dialysis a Superior Form of Peritoneal Dialysis Anijeet H., Rustom R., Livesley P and Ahmad R. (POSTER) TRANSPLANTATION SOCIETY Audit of 40 patients receiving Pancreatico-Renal Transplants with Cyclosporin Mono Therapy (Intention to Treat) Sells R. A., Ahmad R., Bakran A., Brown M.W. and Hammad A. (ORAL PRESENTATION) DIALYSIS CAPD Malnutrition and Amino Acid Dialysate. Shivakumar K.A., Roberts N.B., Lane C., Bell G. M. and Ahmad R. Peritoneal Dialysis in Developing Countries SUDANI ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICIANS AND THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS Peritoneal Dialysis Treatment in developing countries (lecture) i) History of Dialysis (lecture) ii) Renal Replacement Therapy (lecture) Dr Rasheed Ahmad Last updated: January 2008 Aids to the Prescribing of Kanamicin and Gentamicin Thesis submitted to the Victoria University of Manchester. (1973) The Law relating to Organ Transplantation is not designed to facilitate the increased availability of Organs for a Transplant. Thesis submitted to the University of Liverpool (2006) Dr Rasheed Ahmad Last updated: January 2008


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