GB/US power one pocketcharger
Scope of delivery
– 1 x battery charger power one pocketcharger
– 1 x set battery compartment cartridge, respectively for
the sizes 13, 312 and 10, with colour coding – 1 x supply battery VARTA Lithium Polymer EasyPack– 1 x connecting cable connection battery charger / electricity source for the supply battery – 1 x mains adapter with USB interface for connecting – 1 x set plug attachments for mains adapter with Operating instructions
Dear Customer,
We congratulate you on the purchase of a one power
pocketcharger. You have acquired a modern and safe quick
loading system which functions independent from the
plug and which can thus accompany you every where. For
the proper use of the device, we ask you to carefully read
through the following operating instructions.
1. Description
The power one pocketcharger serves for loading one or two
rechargeable nickel metal hydride hearing aid batteries
power one ACCU plus. Depending on the selection of the
corresponding battery compartment cartridge, either bat-
teries of the sizes 13, 312 or 10 can be charged (the differ-
ing attachments are contained in the scope of delivery and
can be changed in the device in any manner). The supply
electricity is made available through a VARTA EasyPack
rechargeable lithium poly mer battery which is found in the
loading device. The power one pocketcharger can thus be
operated independent from a steady local power source
and can be recharged within ca. 2.5 hours (only with bat-
teries which have been completely discharged / partially
charged batteries are first discharged for the safety and
improved sustainability of the cell / refreshing protection).
Please only use rechargeable batteries of the brand power
one ACCU plus for the pocketcharger.
2. Application
Please open the packaging and check to see if the entire
scope of delivery is contained in it. Now please take the
power one pocketcharger and open the device through
moving the silver coloured sliding lid to the maximum
position (ca. 5 cm far) in the direction of the round side ofthe battery charger.
Then please take the VARTA EasyPack contained in the
scope of delivery and place this in the pocketcharger
with the contacts to the round side as well as the
EasyPack Battery with the writing upwards.The VARTA
EasyPack Battery can be placed in the intended battery
compartment with a little pressure. (Do not try to forcethe battery into the device. In case of difficulties, it is bestif you ask your hearing aid technician for support).
Afterwards slide the cover back again until the VARTAEasyPack Battery is completely covered and you feel aslight resistance. Now select the desired size from the battery compartmentcartridges contained in the scope of delivery for therecharge able nickel metal hydride hearing aid battery power one ACCU plus (either 13, 312 or 10, recognisable
through the respective colour code on the battery com-
partment cartridge) and place this in the free compart-
ment in the pocketcharger intended for this purpose.
Please observe that the battery compartment adapter is
inserted in the correct direction. The contacts in the free
compartment which is found on the straight sides of the
pocketcharger must be bound with the corresponding
contacts of the battery compartment cartridge, that is the
straight side of the battery compartment cartridge points
to the straight side of the battery charger and the slightly
notched side points to the round side. The battery com-
partment cartridge latches through slightly pressing with
the thumb. Please do not try to force the cartridge. In
cases of doubt, turn to your hearing aid technician and
ask for support.
To charge the VARTA EasyPack supply battery, please
remove the connection cable which is included in the
scope of delivery, pull it out to the desired length (to
wind it up again pull on both ends at the same time! See
fig. 2, last page) and combine the hollow plug with the
plug contact on the power one pocketcharger. The plug
contact is found on the straight side, with a top view of
the pocketcharger. Connect the USB plug on the other
end of the connection cable now with a suitable energy
source. For this you can use the mains plug adapters con-
tained in the scope of delivery through connecting the
USB plug of the connec tion cable with the USB plug con-
tact provided on the mains part. The mains plug itself has
four different plug attachments. Please select the fitting
plug format depending on the country or region in which
you are located and plug the plug attachment to the
mains plug. Then combine the mains part with a plug
near you. The VARTA EasyPack Battery is now being
charged, which is shown through a yellow control signal
on the pocketcharger.
You can also charge the VARTA EasyPack battery throughthe USB plug directly with a USB interface of a computer orlaptop being operated. A further charging possibility resultsin the combination of the USB plug with an adapter for thecigarette lighter or other 12 volt connection in a car(adapter not included in the scope of delivery).
The pocketcharger is now in an operational condition and
can be used for loading of nickel metal hydride hearing aid
batteries power one ACCU plus. For this slide the silver
coloured covering of the battery charger ca. 1 cm in the
direction of the round side until you feel a slight resist-
ance. Please now place one or two nickel metal hydride
hearing aid batteries power one ACCU plus in the battery
compartment intended for this with the + side (flat side of
the button cell) to the bottom. Also pay attention when
inserting the button cell to the correct po larity, since oth-
erwise no charging will take place. Now close the silver
coloured sliding lid of the pocketcharger again. So that the
batteries are charged, the lid must be closed. The charging
process for the nickel metal hydride hearing aid batteries is
shown through a green blinking signal, re spectively on the
side in which a battery can be found.
The power one pocketcharger automatically checks the
charging level of the inserted nickel metal hydride battery
cells. Cor rectly uncharged cells will be charged on quick
charge within 2.5 hours. In a further 2.5 hours, they will be
completely charged (top-off charging). The interval of the
green blinking signal then changes to 4 sec. After comple-
tion of the charging process, the green blinking signal
goes off and you can remove the full cell for the operation
of your hearing aid.
With a full VARTA EasyPack battery, the battery charger canbe used fully independent from the power network forcharging of the nickel metal hydride hearing aid batteries power one ACCU plus. Through its compact format which
is not bigger than a bank card, it can be comfortably taken
with you every where and stored (number of charging
processes depends on the battery size and the number of
the batteries to be loaded, comparative values, see
attached table).
3. Overview charging processes with a fully charged
VARTA EasyPack battery
battery size /
1 battery
2 batteries
power one
power one
power one
10 ACCUplus
Estimated values, no guarantee / with a proper hearing aid battery and lithium
polymer supply battery as well as for the completely uncharged cell power one
4. LED signals and device conditions
LED signal red /

green / yellow /
battery power one
battery power one
battery power one
power one ACCU
Lithium Polymeron the mains /being charged power one ACCU
plus completely
• no power one ACCU
5. Handling information for NiMH accumulators
Please keep contact surfaces of the accumulators as wel as
in the device clean. For the best possible performance and
lifespan, in principle avoid total discharging or short circuiting
the battery. After a longer storage time, the ful capacity does
not return until several charging / discharging cycles. At a
room temperature of 20–25°C, gas tight NiMH accumulators
which are charged can be stored for an almost unlimited
time period without an influence on the lifespan.
Pictures (see last page)
1. power one pocketcharger battery charger including
2. Connection cable USB / hollow plug
3. Mains adaptor with exchangeable plug attachments
4. Supply battery VARTA EasyPack Lithium Polymer
5. Suitable hearing aid batteries NiMH power one ACCU
plus (not contained in the scope of delivery)


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