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Re: Arrangements for school resumption after Easter Holidays 1. According to the announcement of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, Hong Kong has entered its peak season for influenza. It is expected that the influenza situation will persist for a period of time. The Education Bureau and the Department of Health have assessed and examined the spread of influenza in schools and the latest development. They have decided that schools should resume classes on 31st March 2008. 2. We have cleansed and disinfected our school premises during the Easter holidays, and will urge staff and students to pay attention to personal and environmental 3. Everybody has a role to play in the control of influenza by practising good personal hygiene The following actions are strongly advised for parents to prevent influenza and contain its spread in schools during Influenza season:- Provide children with handkerchiefs or tissue paper, which should not be Check body temperature, record the reading and sign the temperature chart Do not send children to school if they have fever. Report to the school immediately if children are sick and provide details of the sickness including symptoms, diagnosis and whether hospitalization is Keep sick children away from school until symptoms have improved and Cooperate with schools by picking up a sick child from the school to seek 4. Lunch-box supplies and school bus service will resume on the day of school resumption. We have also urged the drivers of school buses/nanny vans and escorts not to drive/board these vehicles and make suitable arrangements if they run a fever or have any flu symptoms. School and parents will be immediately 5. In case of any students being absent due to sickness, we would provide learning support for them as far as possible so that their learning progress would not be 6. We would like to appeal to parents for collaboration in order to maintain a clean and healthy living environment. Please also remind your children to pay attention to personal hygiene and to take influenza-preventive measures. Influenza is a highly infectious viral disease. It is caused by various types of influenza viral strains. Three types of influenza viruses are recognized: A, B and C. Type A is more common. In Hong Kong, the two subtypes of influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2) are most commonly seen. Emergence of new subtypes occurs from time to time at irregular intervals. They are responsible for widespread outbreaks and necessitate periodic reformulation of influenza vaccine. In Hong Kong, the disease is more prevalent in January-March Influenza is an acute illness of the respiratory tract, characterized by fever, headache, muscle ache, runny nose, cough and sore throat. It is generally a mild illness. Airborne spread predominates among crowded populations in enclosed spaces. The infection may also be spread from person to person by direct contact with infected secretions. The incubation period is short, usually around 1-3 days. The disease is usually self-limiting with recovery in 2-7 days. Anti-fever medicine and cough syrup are useful in relieving symptoms. Aspirin should not be used in children because it may cause Reye's Syndrome which is a rare complication involving the central nervous system and the liver. Antibiotics need not be used unless the illness is complicated by bacterial infection. Patients should also observe personal hygiene to For patients with lower resistance or when there are signs of deterioration e.g. persistent fever or shortness of breath, they should seek early medical advice. Antiviral agents like Tamiflu is effective for strains of influenza A, but it must be used under doctor's prescription. 1. Maintain good personal and environmental hygiene. 2. Keep hands clean and wash hands properly. 3. Wash hands when they are dirtied by respiratory secretions e.g. after sneezing. 4. Cover nose and mouth with tissue paper while sneezing or coughing and dispose of 5. Good body resistance helps to prevent influenza infection. This can be achieved through a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, avoid too much stress and smoking. 6. During the "flu" season, it is better to avoid crowded public places where the ventilation is not good. 7. Influenza vaccine is prepared according to the prevalence of strains in the community each year, as recommended by the World Health Organization. Student Name: _________________ Class:_______ No:______Sex:____ Section 1: Travelling Record during Easter Holiday Please tick the appropriate box I didn’t leave Hong Kong during the Holiday. During the Easter Holiday, I have left Hong Kong for travel. Date: From ______________Month ____________________ Date To ______________Month ____________________Date Mainland China (Specify the city:__________________________) Other (Specify the city:_________________________________) Section 2: My Health Condition During Holiday I had the following symptoms during the holiday. Other Symptoms (specify:_____________________) I stayed in the hospital because of fever and influenza from________Month _____ Date to ______Month ______ Date No one got influenza in my family during the holiday. Someone who has close contact with my family has got influenza Name of Parent/ Guardian:___________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian:_________________________ Date:_________________



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