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As ant experts, we notice interesting their way. Depending on the species of their entire colony indoors. They may beneath floors, in the soil of potted plants, either invading your home or trying to.
are the “scouts” looking for food, water, or a nesting place. Once they find what they rinse out your kitchen garbage container, colony, laying down a scent trail as they immediately after the young birds stopusing the nests. Various blood-sucking to take to discourage these home- and leave them when the birds leave.
"Termites Welcome Here!"
your home is directly contacting the soil.
air conditioners and downspouts, leaks in regular basis (if we are not already doing sprinklers spraying water onto the side of so fix these today. Don't invite termites Thank you for your business and referrals! More information for our valued customers. . .
With all the wet spring weather, it's especially important this year to eliminate water where mosquitoes may be breeding right in your yard. Mosquito larvae don't need a lot of water to live and develop into adult mosquitoes—even a saucer underneath a potted 20 cases where spiders and their webbing have blocked the air flow in the fuel tank vent. This Inspect your yard regularly and drain any standing blockage had caused "excessive vacuum" to build water you find at least once a week. This includes flower up, causing cracking and leaking of the car's fuel pots and saucers, buckets, wheelbarrows, pet watering tanks. Fortunately there have been no fires or bowls and birdbaths (drain and change the water), and any other place where you find standing water. All No one knows at this point why the spiders, all ornamental ponds and rain barrels should be stocked with yellow sac spiders, are especially attracted to the
mosquito-eating fish, or treated to kill mosquito larvae.
vents. These spiders don’t build large webs to catchinsects—they use their silk to construct sacs in tightareas, and hid inside these sacs during the day. At night they crawl out and hunt for prey.
The 65,000 2009 and 2010 recalled cars will be retrofitted with a special spring inserted in the pipe to Unfortunately because of the tragic reactor leaks in Japan, there prevent the spiders from getting inside.
is again talk about the effects of radiation. We've probably all heard the idea that if the earth was blanketed in radiation, onlycockroaches would survive. How true is that? Cockroaches are much more resistant to radiation than humans. A human may be killed by a radiation dose of 3 sieverts (Sv), whereas in tests, German cockroaches didn'tdie until they were exposed to 900 to 1,000 Sv. This amazing difference is apparently because Clothing that has been treated with Permethrin insecticide to reduce bites by ticks, mosquitoes, cockroaches are much less complex organisms than and other blood-sucking insects has been used for humans. They have less DNA than humans, and they many years now, especially by the military and have fewer dividing cells, which are the cells most outdoorsmen. This insecticide is based on a natural insecticide that occurs in certain flowers. Permethrin But cockroaches are by no means the most radiation-resistant has an advantage that it is tightly bound to fabric so insect. In tests, flour beetles, fruit flies, and parasitic wasps were all even after the clothing has been laundered many able to survive even higher radiation levels than cockroaches. And times it still is very effective at repelling insects. Plus, one kind of bacterium beats insects. It actually lives in radioactive applying any repellent to a fabric, rather than directly to skin, greatly reduces skin exposure.
cover their entire bodies. But a studyin a recent issue of the Journal ofMedical Entomology proved that even The bite of the hobo spider, a spider that is spreading in the
Pacific Northwest, is thought to cause necrotic tissue lesions. But scientists have recently found that its venom is harmless. Another sneakers, socks, shorts, and T-shirts greatly reduces possibility is that when this spider bites, it introduces harmful bacteria.
problems with ticks. In fact, people wearing However, the study found only common, harmless bacteria on these Permethrin-treated tennis shoes and socks were 74 spiders. Therefore, unlike what was previously believed about this times less likely to have a tick bite than people spider, the authors of the study suggest that this may not be a spider wearing untreated shoes and socks. (Most ticks are of medical concern, according to a recent article in the Journal of close to the ground when they contact a human host, so wearing treated shoes makes a lot of sense.) You can buy clothes that are pre-treated with Aman in Rhode Island pled guilty to selling illegal pet pesticides
on the internet. He was selling counterfeit Frontline and Permethrin, or spray it on with a special kit. A Frontline Plus products for flea control on his eBay website, combination of treated clothing and repellents on Catsmartplus. The fraud was discovered after a customer complained your skin would provide the most thorough protection to the U.S. Attorney's office that her cats had an "adverse reaction" to from ticks, mosquitoes, and other blood-suckers.
one of the products she had purchased. The man faces a maximumsentence of ten years in federal prison.
Written specially for our valued customers by Dr. Wayne S. Moore. Copyright Moore Consulting, 2011. All rights reserved.

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Antimicrobial Activity of Herbal Extracts on Staphylococcus aureus and Propionibacterium acnes P. Leelapornpisid, S. Chansakao and T. Ittiwittayawat Keywords: antimicrobial activity, Propionibacterium acnes , Staphylococcus aureus , Excoecaria cochinchinensis , Salvia officinalis , gallic acid Abstract Excoecaria cochinchinensis Lour, Salvia officinalis Lo

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