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Pooled Accounts Trust Checklist (Detailed)
Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

 Partnership for Prescription Assistance (
• Resource bank of drug company assistance plans, discount prescription cards, and state • Eligibility information is entered and available options are generated.  Needy Meds (
• Resource bank of drug company assistance plans, disease based assistance, discount prescription cards, and government programs. • This site contains information and links to available programs. Clients search by brand and generic drug name, company, disease, and state and are then given links to the appropriate website or application.  Rx Hope (
• Resource bank of government and corporate assistance plans. • Eligibility Information and drug names are entered online and options are generated.  Rx Outreach (
• Provides reduced costs prescriptions at the rate of $20, $30, or $40 for a 90-day supply. Prescriptions fall into one of three tiers and price is determined by the drug’s category. • An application is filled out annually and eligibility is determined.  Together Rx Access Discount Card (
• Prescription discount card offered by 12 companies. The card gives participants discounts of 25-40% on prescription drugs. • Applicant may not have prescription coverage and may not be eligible for Medicare. • Application filled out and eligibility is determined.  Merck Discount Drug Card (
• Offers discounts on 11 Merck drugs: Cosopt®, Cozaar® Emend® Fosamax® Fosamax
Plus D™ Hyzaar® JanumetTM JanuviaTM Maxalt® Maxalt-MLT® Singulair® Trusopt®
• Applicant may not have prescription coverage from public or private plans. They may be eligible for Medicare Part D but have opted out.  Mi Rx Discount Card
• A discount card used at pharmacies that save participants 5-25% on prescription drugs • Applicants must be residents of the state of Michigan, have no other prescription • (800) 755-6479 • Application is completed and mailed and eligibility is then determined.
Dental Services

 Oakland County Discount Dental Plan (
• Participants receive 20-50% discounts on most dental procedures, at participating • The cost is $69 per year. • Applicants must be residents of Oakland County. • Application can be filled out online.  Macomb County Discount Dental Plan
• CAREington: (586) 469-6313; Dentemax: (866) 498-7914
• Participants receive 20-50% discounts on most dental procedures, at participating
• The cost is $69 per year. • Applicants must be resident of Macomb County. • Applications must be submitted via mail.  Wayne County Health Department
• Health Department provides dental care to Wayne County residents. • Call (734) 727-7000 for appointments
Health Care Services

Macomb County
 Macomb County Adult Benefit Waiver
• Covers visits to an assigned Primary Care Physician (PCP), referrals to specialists, referrals for outpatient diagnostic services and procedures and prescription drugs. • Only available during open enrollment periods through Department of Human Services • Applicant must be a Macomb County resident, ages 19-64, not disabled or eligible for Medicaid or other medical programs, and must meet income requirements.  Macomb Connect Care
• Covers visits to Primary Care Physician offices, prescriptions, lab work, x-rays, • Applicant must be a Macomb County Resident, Ages 19-64, an adult with no minor children, not eligible for any other medical coverage, and meet income requirements. • Application can be downloaded online and must be mailed.  Macomb County Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Program
• No cost breast and cervical cancer screenings. • Applicant must be a resident of Macomb County, ages 40-64, have no health insurance,  Macomb County Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction Program
• Provides education and screenings throughout the community for residents. • Call (586) 412-3387 to find screening locations.  Macomb County Health Department Family Planning Services
• Provides family planning education, counseling, cervical and breast exams, and contraceptives for Macomb County Residents. • Fees are determined on a sliding scale. • (586) 469-5491  Macomb County Immunization Clinic
• Provides immunizations for adults and children • (586) 469-5372.  Macomb County Sexually Transmitted Disease Program
• Provides confidential counseling, testing, diagnosis, and treatment of sexually • Applicants must be age 12 or over and a resident of Macomb County. • (586) 465-9217 Oakland County
 Oakland County Hearing and Vision Screenings
• Hearing and vision screenings by appointment for school aged children in Oakland • Call (248) 424-7070 for appointment.  Oakland County HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control
• Provides confidential and anonymous counseling, and testing. • Call (888) 350-0900 ext. 85416 for appointments.  Oakland County Immunizations
• Provides immunization for children, teens, and adults. • North Oakland: (248) 858-1305 • South Oakland: (248) 424-7046 • West Oakland: (248) 926-3361  Oakland County Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Provides testing, diagnosis, treatment and counseling. • Patients should visit clinic location for services. ( Wayne County
Wayne County Health Department

• Provides personal health services to Wayne County residents • Services include HIV testing and counseling, immunizations, STD testing, hearing and State Health Programs

 DHS HIV/AIDS Support Services
• Provides support services to those who have tested positive HIV/AIDS as well as  DHS Plan First!
• Provides family planning to women. • Applicants must be Michigan residents, ages 19-44, not Medicaid eligible, no family planning coverage through a private insurance plan, meet income requirements and citizenship requirements. • Application must be filled out and returned to Plan First! Fax: (517) 324-0710. Nutrition Services

 Michigan Bridge Card
• Obtained through DHS and provides food/cash benefits to recipients. • The card is just like a debit card. • Apply at DHS  Michigan’s Coordinated Access to Food for the Elderly (MiCafe)
• Helps residents age 60 or older maneuver through the Michigan Bridge Card application process. They do not have to visit DHS through this program. • Currently available in Branch, Cass, Charlevoix, Eaton, Emmet, Genesee, Gratiot, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, and Wayne Counties. Heat and Utility Services

 Consumer’s Energy Budget Plan (
• Allows customers to spread out annual energy costs into equal monthly payments. • The plan begins June 1 each year and runs through May 31.
 Winter Protection Plans

• Protects seniors and low income customers form utility shut off and high winter payments. Consumer’s Energy, DTE & SEMCO are participants. • Participants will not be shut off if they pay at least 6% of their estimated annual bill each month plus 1/12 of any past due bills. • Applicants must meet one of the following: 62 years+, receive DHS cash assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, or meet income requirements. • Contact Michigan Gas Utilities: (800) 401-6402  Third Party Notification
• DTE, SEMCO, and Consumer’s Energy offer third party notification or double notice of bill due dates. The third party is not liable for the bill; they are simply notified to remind the responsible party. This option is an added measure of protection to avoid late bills and shut offs. • Contact companies: DTE: (800) 477-4747, SEMCO: (800) 624-2019, Consumer’s  Michigan Home Heating Credit
• Provides low income individuals with a home heating draft or voucher which is sent to energy providers including DTE, SEMCO, and Consumer’s Energy. The companies then credit the customers account. • Eligibility is based on income, number of exemptions and household heating costs. • Applicant files Michigan Home Heating Credit Form MI-1040CR-7 with the department of treasury who determines eligibility. These forms are located at the following locations: o Public libraries o Secretary of State offices o Department of Human Services o Consumers Energy toll-free number (800) 477-5050 o Michigan Department of Treasury (800) 367-6263 or  State Emergency Relief (SER)
• This Program is intended for occasional extreme financial hardship for low income individuals or families. The program is administered by DHS and can meet emergency needs for the following: heat & utilities home repairs, relocation assistance, home ownership services, and burial. • Eligibility is determined by income and assets and one of the following: demonstration of immediate need (shut off notice), declared need for deliverable fuel, verified need for energy related home repair.  Weatherization Assistance Program
• DHS administered program for home owners and renters. Provides energy conservation services including: wall, attic, and foundation insulation, air leakage reduction, smoke detectors, dryer venting. • Applicants that meet income requirements, are recipients of Family Independence program through DHS, or are recipient of SSI automatically qualify at no cost. • Contact local weatherization operators for eligibility determination. • Macomb County, Macomb County Community Services Agency: (586) 469-6999; • Oakland County, Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency: (248) 209-2760 • Wayne County, City of Dearborn, (LPO), (313) 943-2180; City of Detroit, Department of Human Services,(313) 852-5609; Downriver Community Conference, (LPO) (734) 362-3472; Western Wayne County, (LPO) (313) 224-5250; Wayne-Metropolitan Community Action Agency, (734) 246-2280.  Energy Direct
• Utility shut off avoidance program in which DHS partners with DTE, SEMCO, and Consumer’s Energy. DHS matches client’s names with the three providers. When a match is found DHS pays the bill, up to $550 for heat and electricity respectively. • Contact local DHS office for assistance. Consumers Services

Credit Card Offer Opt-Out
• Provides an opportunity to stop receiving credit card offers via mail. • To opt out participants should call (1-888-567-8688) or visit  Accounting, tax forms and money management assistance:
• The Michigan Department of Treasury (to fill out forms): (800) 827-4000 • Accounting Aid Society: (313) 647-9620 or • Green Path: (800) 747-2898. Address: 38505 Country Club Drive, Suite 210 • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Sites: (800) 829-1040 • Tax Payer Advocate: (313) 628-3670. Address: 477 Michigan Av. Room 1745- Stop 7  Federal Earned Income Credit:
• The Federal Earned Income Credit is a refundable federal income tax credit available to qualifying low-income workers. For income guidelines, contact your employer, then call the Internal Revenue Service at (800) 829-3676 or visit  Homestead Tax Credit (also know as rent rebates):
• The Homestead Tax Credit form can be filed up to 3 years later after an initial return is filed. Does NOT have to be submitted prior to Oct. 1. Forms and more information are  Social Security Department earned work income incentives:
• Social Security Earned Income Disregard (also referred to as “EID”) • Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) of social security benefits. Contact your local Social Security Office or contact United Cerebral Palsy at (800) 827-4843 for more details.  Miscellaneous:
• For many great articles on a wide variety of topics related to housing, please go to:


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Publications 2006 B1 - Book Chapter Darbyshire, P 2006, ‘Heroines, hookers and harridans: Exploring popular images and representations of nurses and nursing’, in Contexts of Nursing , 2nd ed, eds J Daly, S Speedy & D Jackson, Elsvier, Sydney. Harrington, A 2006, ‘The ‘connection’ health care providers make with dying patients’, in E MacKinlay (ed.), Ageing, spiri

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