Modele de reglement de jeu déposé à la scp montel-simeone-segura-simeone, huissiers de justice associés

“Win an exclusive Paris 3D Saga book and blu-ray/DVD pack” Contest Rules
Article I: Organizer of the Contest
DASSAULT SYSTEMES, a Société Anonyme (Limited Company under French law) with a share
capital of EUR 120,868,122, listed on the Versailles Trade and Companies Register under number
322 306 440, with its registered office at 10 rue Marcel Dassault, 78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay, France,
is the organizer of a contest entitled “Win an exclusive Paris 3D Saga book and blu-ray/DVD pack”,
from October 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.
Article II: Eligibility
No purchase is necessary to enter or win this free contest. It is open to any individual who has reached
the age of majority in their home country and who has Internet access and a valid e-mail address, in
any country unless prohibited by local law. Employees and representatives of the organizer or service
providers who worked on the contest project, their family members, and employees of any competitor
of Dassault Systèmes are not eligible to take part in this contest. Only one entry may be submitted per
person (same name, same e-mail address). Entrants must enter the contest in their own name. Entries
on behalf of third parties will not be accepted under any circumstances. Any incomplete or illegible
contest forms, forms sent after the contest end date or entries submitted in any manner other than on
the required entry form will be void.
Article III: How to Enter
To enter this contest, entrants need to:
• Complete the form and add their contact details at the end of the contest, then confirm their  Ten winners a month: with three prize draws during the contest period.  Each of the ten winners will be drawn at random from all duly completed and correct entries
Article IV: Prizes
Prizes will be sent by post to the winners. Each winner will receive a “Paris, la ville à remonter le
temps” book and blu-ray/DVD set. Estimated value of each pack: approximately EUR 45.
Article V: Selection of the Winner
All correct and valid entries received will be entered in the prize draw. Each month, Maitre Bru, an
independent adjudicator, or one of his associates will draw the winners at random. Each winner may
only win once during the whole of the contest period. Winners will be notified of the results by
Dassault Systèmes by post, e-mail or telephone, and will be required to provide full details of their
postal address. Failure of winners to respond within eight days of notification of their win will result in
their disqualification and forfeit of prizes, as set out in Article X. No cash or other alternative will be
awarded in lieu of the prizes, which are non-transferable. However, in the event of unforeseen
circumstances, Dassault Systèmes reserves the right to replace the designated prize with an alternative
of equal value. Prizes will be sent by post to the address given by each winner, which must be in the
country shown on their entry form. Winners agree to allow checks to be carried out to verify their
identity and address (postal and/or e-mail address). Any winner providing false identity or address
information will be disqualified and their entry will be withdrawn.
Article VI: Registration
These rules have been filed viwith the independent adjudicators SCP Level -
Bornecque Winandy - Bru Nifosi, Associate Bailiffs, 15, Passage du Marquis de la Londe, 78000 -
Versailles. The organizer reserves the right to amend them at any time by way of an addendum drawn
up in accordance with the stated terms, and published online on theWeb site.
Prior to its publication, the addendum must be filed with the aforenamed SCP Associate Bailiffs and
Contest Rules published by Stratégies Networks registered design . will come into effect as soon as it is published online. By taking part in the contest, all entrants will be deemed to have accepted the addendum as from its effective date. Any entrant who does not agree to the amendment(s) made by the organizer will be required to withdraw from the contest. Written copies of these rules may be obtained for free by writing to the following address before the contest’s closing date: Dassault Systèmes
“Jeu Gagnez un pack exclusif Paris 3D Saga”
10 rue Marcel Dassault
78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay

Postage costs incurred in applying for a written copy of the rules will be reimbursed upon request at
the current standard letter rate applicable in France.
The full rules may also be viewed online on the contest Web site:

Article VII: Reimbursement of Expenses

Any entrant may apply for reimbursement of Internet connection fees related to contest entry. A fixed-
rate reimbursement of EUR 0.20 will be awarded, based a 5-minute connection (the estimated time
needed to complete the entry) from a landline, at the France Telecom reduced rate. Applications for
reimbursement must be sent in writing to the contest address (Article VI), together with the applicant’s
bank account details and an itemized bill in the applicant’s name showing the date and time of the
Internet connection, at the latest 30 days after the contest closing date. The date of postmark will be
taken as proof of postage. Postage costs incurred by the entrant in sending this application will also be
reimbursed upon request at the current second-class letter rate. A single reimbursement application per
entrant registered in the contest, per monthly session and per envelope (same name, same address) will
be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Given that, nowadays, certain Internet service providers include free or fixed-rate access to an Internet
connection in their service and technology offers, it is expressly agreed that any access to the Web site
that is made through a free connection or under a fixed-rate package agreement (such as by cable,
ADSL or special connection etc.), shall not be eligible for reimbursement, insofar as in such cases, the
Internet user’s subscription and contract with the service provider covers his or her general usage of
the Internet, and logging onto the Web site and entering the contest does not generate any extra costs
or expense.

Article VIII: Connection and Use

By entering the contest, entrants are deemed to have knowledge of and accept the characteristics and
limits of the Internet, and the fact that not all data is protected against misappropriation or piracy and
the risks of contamination by viruses circulating on the network.
Dassault Systèmes accepts no responsibility for any misuse or incident associated with using a
computer, accessing the Internet, maintenance or malfunctioning of the servers used for the Contest,
telephone line or any other technical connection.
Article IX: Disputes and Liabilities
Participation in this contest constitutes the entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these rules.
Should any one or more of the provisions of these general rules be found to be invalid or
unenforceable, the other provisions shall remain fully enforceable and applicable. If any differences
between the version of the rules filed with the bailiff (independent adjudicator) in France and the
version of the rules available online are seen, the terms of the version filed with the bailiff shall
prevail. Any entrant making an inaccurate or false declaration, or committing an act of fraud will be
disqualified. In the event of any dispute concerning the contest or its rules, in agreement with SCP
Level - Bornecque Winandy - Bru Nifosi, Associate Bailiffs, Dassault Systèmes’s decision shall be
final. Dassault Systèmes will not enter into any telephone communications or written correspondence
concerning the interpretation or application of these rules, the mechanisms or terms of the contest, or
the name of the winner. Any dispute or claim must be brought to the attention of the organizer in
writing and sent by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, no later than one month after the
announcement of the winners. Dassault Systèmes reserves the right, if so required by circumstances, to
cut short, extend, modify or cancel this contest subject to the terms of Article VI, and shall not accept
Contest Rules published by Stratégies Networks registered design . any responsibility or liability as a result. Dassault Systèmes may cancel or suspend all or part of the
contest if it becomes apparent that any kind of fraudulent activity or cheating has taken place, in
particular online fraud during participation in the contest. In such an event, it reserves the right not to
award the prizes to the individual(s) involved in the fraud and/or to take legal action against them in
the relevant courts.
Article X: Remittance of Prizes
By acceptance of the prize, the winner authorizes Dassault Systèmes to use their full name, address
and e-mail address as well as any reports related to this contest (photos, video recordings) made during
any publicity or promotional event and on any medium, without being entitled to compensation of any
kind other than the prize won, for a maximum period of two years.
Prizes will be sent to the winners at the end of the contest. Dassault Systèmes accepts no responsibility
for delays, losses or damage in transit, or for markings made illegible by the postal service during
delivery of the prizes. Unclaimed prizes in the post or returned within 30 calendar days after their
dispatch will be forfeited by the winner and remain the property of Dassault Systèmes. Winners agree
to waive any and all claims against the organizer for injury, damage or loss of any kind that may result
from the acceptance and/or use of their prize.
Article XI: Agreement on Proof
Except in the event of obvious errors or mistakes, it is agreed that information resulting from Dassault
Systèmes game systems shall be conclusive evidence in any dispute about connections and the
computer processing of said information relating to the contest.
Article XII: Jurisdiction
Entrants shall be subject to French regulations applicable to games and contests. Any dispute that
cannot be settled privately shall be referred to the relevant courts appointed under France’s Civil
Procedure Code (Code de Procédure Civile Français).
Article XIII: Data Protection and Privacy
The personal data provided by entrants in connection with this Contest is processed in accordance with
France’s Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés) of January 6, 1978. In accordance with
Article 27 of the said Act, all participants in the contest have the right to access and amend their
personal data. The right to access, amend or oppose the use of personal information may be exercised
by writing to Dassault Systèmes.

Article XIV: Literary and Artistic Property Rights
In accordance with the laws on literary and artistic property rights, any reproduction or representation
of the components of this contest, in whole or in part, it is strictly prohibited. The trademarks
mentioned are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Article XV: Translations
An English translation of these rules has been filed with SCP Level - Bornecque Winandy - Bru
Nifosi, Associate Bailiffs, 15, Passage du Marquis de la Londe- 78000 – Versailles.
Contest Rules published by Stratégies Networks registered design .


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