School health welcome

We are very excited to welcome you to a new school year! The school nurse for the
Upper Elementary is Kelly Faulkner, RN. We also have a full time Health Aide, Phyllis
King. Your School Nurse and Health Aide are here to help keep your child as healthy as
possible. If you ever have any questions or have any concerns, please feel free to contact
the clinic.
You will be receiving an Emergency Card and Health Information Sheet. Please fill
these items out completely. This information must be obtained every year since
information changes. The information from these forms is essential in the care of your
child. If any information should ever change, please contact the clinic so that we may
keep your child’s records and Emergency Card up to date.
Medications: Because medications can be harmful, we have specific policies.
1. Medications should not be sent to school with the student on the bus. This is not a safe practice. Please bring all medications to the school clinic. An adult should also pick up any medications when they are no longer needed at school. 2. Medications to be given for a short time (such as antibiotics) must be in the original prescription bottle with the student’s name. A note from the parent/guardian must accompany the medication and it must state when to give the medication. 3. Medication that must be given daily at school for the entire year must have a doctor order. These forms are located in the clinic. 4. Over the counter medications (Ibuprofen/Motrin, cough drops, cold/cough medicine) must have a doctor’s order, a parent/guardian note, and be in the original container. 5. Tylenol is kept in the school clinic to be used if needed. It will only be given to your child if the nurse has your written permission on the Emergency Card. Communicable Diseases: Signs of contagious conditions are recognized and
students will be sent home according to their symptoms.
Students might be asked to go home with: Red/Inflamed eyes with thick mucous discharge Excessive sore throat or cough, runny nose, or sneezing Unusual behavior, sleepiness, irritability, or listlessness Returning to school and the classroom is determined by the disappearance of these symptoms and/or the family physician recommendations. STUDENTS SHOULD BE FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE
Recommendations for exclusion necessary to prevent exposure to others are followed
in the guide: Prevention and Control of Communicable Disease (a guide for school
administrators, nurses, teachers, etc. published by the Missouri Departments of
Release from PE or recess for health reasons: All students need to exercise their
body as well as their mind. Recess and PE are nice breaks for students in their school
day. We encourage every child to participate. If there is a medical reason why your
child should not participate, please write a note or call the office. If the student needs
to be excused for more than a day or two, a Doctor’s excuse is required. For severe
injuries or other excuses from physical activities, such as surgery, a Doctor’s note
may be required to allow them to start participating again.
Immunizations: State law requires all students receive required
immunizations before being permitted to attend school in Missouri. Only religious or
medical exemptions are recognized in the state of Missouri.
Screenings: Health screenings are done periodically throughout the year to insure
that students are at their best to learn. We do screenings for Vision, Hearing, Height,
Weight, and Dental. Referrals are sent home to parents if there is a concern in any of
these areas. Please contact the nurse if assistance is needed in any way.
Social Worker: Our school has a full time social worker, Kevin Baldwin. He is
available to help in many types of circumstances. Please contact him at 573-552-
8879 or contact your school nurse if you need assistance.


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