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Kevin J. Carrabine, PE, PMPSenior Project Manager, Limerick Generating Station Exelon Generation Company, LLC
ƒTotal Units: 17 operational, 4 retired.
•(IL) Byron, Braidwood, Clinton, Dresden, LaSalle, Quad Cities, Zion•(PA) Limerick, Peach Bottom, TMI-1•(NJ) Oyster Creek ƒTotal fleet output: ~20% of commercial nuclear ƒExelon spent fuel pools were never designed to accommodate all of the assemblies we will discharge over the life of the plants.
Exelon Generation Company, LLC
The Numbers (continued)• Total fleet discharge projections (assuming all units •~115,000 assemblies• ~25,000 MTU•~2,200 transport systems Exelon Generation Company, LLC
ƒ DOE will not begin operations at a federal repository before ƒ DOE will accept fuel at rates outlined by the 1998 Viability Assessment Study rate (seen elsewhere) of 400, 600, 1200, 2000, and 3000 MTU/yr during the first five years of operation, and 3,000 MTU/yr beyond the fifth year.
ƒ Under this scenario, we will have to build on-site, independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) at each of our sites to maintain full-core discharge reserve (FCDR).
ƒ Exelon operating principles include maintaining FCDR at all Exelon Generation Company, LLC
• We have developed a number of management models to calculate our anticipated future costs for storing spent fuel on our sites until DOE accepts for disposal.
The cost impact of dry cask storage installations fall in two
•Expenses incurred for dry cask storage during the operational lives of the units•Expenses incurred post-retirement to maintain the plant until DOE completes all ƒ Estimated costs (nominal dollars):
•Operational expenses - $25-30 million for ISFSI infrastructure, $5-6 million/yr dual-unit site for cask loading campaigns •Post retirement operations and maintenance expenses incurred beyond the normal decommissioning schedule – decommissioning delays of 5 to 25 years at $15 million/yr dual-unit site Exelon Generation Company, LLC
ƒ Exelon’s management strategy is to ship all spent fuel to the
permanent repository by rail
ƒ Exelon’s policy is to minimize the handling of spent fuel
•Use dual-purpose (storage and transportation) dry cask storage systems at all •Use largest payload systems available, compatible with infrastructure Exelon Generation Company, LLC
Loss of FCDR
Exelon Generation Company, LLC
Exelon Generation Company, LLC
Exelon Generation Company, LLC
•How can you take the spent fuel out of the water? Is that safe?•Why don’t you shut the plant down now to avoid making more waste?•What are the health risks? I hear the cancer rate will increase.
•How will my property value be affected?•How do you protect the ISFSI from attack?•How does the spent fuel get from Limerick to this Yucca Mountain? Exelon Generation Company, LLC
Public outreach must be active & continuous •Cannot begin early enough•Use of Community Advisory Panel•Mailings to townships within Emergency Planning Zone•Table-top models of ISFSI system•Brochures to leave as “take-aways” at community gatherings Exelon Generation Company, LLC


Ifss prohibited list for dogs 2012

International Federation of Sleddog Sports LIST OF PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES AND PROHIBITED METHODS FOR DOGS As of January 1st, 2012 § 1. SUBSTANCES AND METHODS PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES ( IN - and OUT-OF- COMPETITION ) 1 A. Substances, belonging to the following groups, whose use¹ and/or presence in a Dog’s sample are prohibited at all times¹ (Article 2 of the IF

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The Journal of Arthroplasty Vol. 24 No. 8 2009Nobuhiko Sugano, MD, PhD,* Hidenobu Miki, MD,y Nobuo Nakamura, MD, PhD,zMasaharu Aihara, MD,§ Kengo Yamamoto, MD,O and Kenji Ohzono, MD, PhD§Abstract: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of mechanical thromboprophylaxis after elective hipsurgery, we reviewed 3016 patients who underwent hip surgery at 5 centers. Primary total hiparthroplasty (THA), r

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