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WORKSHOPNovel insights in the management of Cushing's syndrome Napoli (Italy), Expo Napoli Congress Centre, December 4 – 6, 2009 Chairpersons: Philippe Caron (France), Anton Luger (Austria) Chairpersons: Marta Korbonits (UK), Anna Spada (Italy) Novel experimental data on the pituitary and adrenal tumors responsible for Cushing's syndrome The genetics in Cushing's syndromeAlbert Beckers (Belgium) The role of somatostatin receptors in normal and tumoral corticotroph pituitary cellsLeo J. Hofland (The Netherlands) The role of dopamine receptors in normal and tumoral corticotroph pituitary and adrenal cellsDiego Ferone (Italy) The role of PPARg system in normal and tumoral corticotroph pituitary and adrenal cellsMassimo Mannelli (Italy) The role of mTor pathway in normal and tumoral adrenal cellsMaria Cristina De Martino (Italy) Lecture 2Chairpersons: Felipe Casanueva (Spain), Franco Cavagnini (Italy)Diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome: Up to dateAshley Grossman (UK) Chairperson: Adrian Daly (Belgium)Pitfalls in the diagnosis of Cushing's syndromeEmanuela Arvat (Italy) Cushing's syndrome associated with malignant adrenal tumorsJerome Bertherat (France) Chairperson:Christian Strasburger (Germany)Ectopic Cushing's syndromeAntongiulio Faggiano (Italy) Chairperson: Luis Salgado (Brasil)Challenging cases in Cushing's syndromeVera Popovic (Serbia) SymposiumChairpersons: Dominique Maiter (Belgium); Sabina Zacharieva (Bulgaria)The systemic complications of Cushing's syndrome: prevention and cure The hypertension: from pathogenesis to treatmentFranco Mantero (Italy) The cardiovascular disease: heart versus vasculatureAnnamaria Colao (Italy) The coagulopathy: thrombosis versus haemorrageMarco Boscaro (Italy) The skeletal diseases: osteoporosis versus arthropathyGregory Kaltsas (Greece) The neuropsychiatric disorders: depression versus manic diseasesAlberto Pereira (The Netherlands) The cause of death: a critical analysisRichard Clayton (UK) SymposiumChairpersons: Renato Pasquali (Italy), Fahrettin Kelestimur (Turkey)The metabolic complications in Cushing's syndrome: identification of a specific approach The pathophysioloy of diabetes mellitus in Cushing's syndromeRosario Pivonello (Italy) The management of diabetes mellitus in Cushing's syndromeJohn Newell Price (UK) The pathophysioloy of dyslipidemia in Cushing's syndromeGiorgio Arnaldi (Italy) The management of dyslipidemia in Cushing's syndromeYona Greenman (Israel) The metabolic syndrome in Cushing's syndromePhilippe Chanson (France) Special Presentation: The Ercusyn Project SymposiumChairpersons: Ezio Ghigo (Italy), tbaThe treatment of Cushing's syndrome: novel approaches Pituitary surgeryMichael Buchfelder (Germany) Medical treatment: adrenal-blocking drugs and ketoconazoleRichard Feelders (The Netherlands) Medical treatment: dopamine agonists and cabergolinePatrick Petrossians (Belgium) Medical treatment: somatostatin analogs and pasireotideAlberto Pedroncelli (Switzerland) Medical treatment: glucocorticoid receptor antagonists and mifepristoneThierry Brue (France) Lecture 3Chairpersons: Gaetano Lombardi (Italy), Rolf Gaillard (Switzerland)The history of the treatment of Cushing's syndromeSteven WJ Lamberts (The Netherlands) Chairpersons: Marily Theodoropoulou (Germany), tbaOral communications from basic abstracts (4) Chairpersons: Ettore Degi Uberti (Italy), Lucio Vilar (Brasil)Oral communications from clinical abstracts (4) Personal experiences (simultaneous)Chairperson: tbaPregnancy in Cushing's syndromeMarcelo Bronstein (Brasil) Chairperson: Oscar Bruno (Argentina)The femoral aseptic osteonecrosis in Chushing’s syndromeFrancesca Pecori Giraldi (Italy) Chairperson: Bruno Allolio (Germany)Childhood and Cushing's syndromeSandro Loche (Italy) Chairperson: tbaNeurosurgery and Cushing's disease: microscopic versus endoscopic tecniquePaolo Cappabianca (Italy) Cushing's syndrome: aftermath the cureJohn Wass (UK) Plenary Discussion Mortality in Cushing’s syndrome: results from a multicenter study and finalization of a publication



Neurotherapeutics: The Journal of the American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics Diana Conte Camerino, Domenico Tricarico, and Jean-François Desaphy Pharmacology Division, Department of Pharmacobiology, School of Pharmacy, University of Bari, Bari, Italy Summary: Because ion channels are involved in many cellular tions have demonstrated that channel mutations can either in-proces

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