Ethan chodur tkd paper final

What Tae Kwon Do Means To Me
By Ethan Chodur
Tae Kwon Do is something for me to do. I like to do Tae Kwon Do rather then football or Cub Scouts because it is a fun sport and you get to meet new friends and you get to teach class some nights. I also get up on Saturday at 5:15 am to go to 6:00 am class. I go there because there are high Black Belts there that help me and it is fun. I’m going to get as high as I can as a Black Belt and keep going to class. Someday I hope I will go and teach class. I started Tae Kwon Do after seeing a 2nd dan Black Belt at the Altoona Campus. After a few days Mom and Dad put me in Tae Kwon Do. My Dad started Tae Kwon Do at the same time I did. My Dad and I started on August 8th 2011 and my brother and my Mom started October 8th 2012. Now our whole family has started and we get more together time. I am looking forward to being a Black Belt and our whole family going to Brown and Black Belt Class. I am going to help my Mom and brother and other Brown Tae Kwon Do is also about learning and as you get higher you learn more stuff. Here are some things I like to do and why: board breaking because you try to break a board and it is challenging and the board breaks get harder as you move up. Forms because I learn new movements in each one and when you become a Black Belt you learn new forms that are way better and harder. One steps because there are a lot of them and they are cool and they protect yourself. I like Forms Class because it is for Brown Belts and Black Belts and it is small and Mrs. Master Wells teaches it good. Sparring because you get to fight other people and practice fighting an enemy. I will get better at the stuff I already know and hope to learn new stuff when I become a Black Belt. Mr. Bassett has told me I don’t start to really learn Tae Tae Kwon Do made me less shy because I lost my fear of standing in front of my class to talk. It was hard to stand in front of the class because I thought I was going to be embarrassed and now I am not shy. Tae Kwon Do has given me perseverance to stand in front my class. Tae Kwon Do has given me the perseverance to keep trying during class and tests. Tae Kwon Do also has given me perseverance at school to do my math sheets and other stuff when they are too hard. It has taught me to keep trying. I am going to do my best at Tae Kwon Do and keep working hard at school and all the Tae Kwon Do is also about helping people. There are a number of people that have helped me in the last two years. Here are some people that have helped me and why: Mr. Bassett has been my instructor the last two years and I thank him for that. He taught me sparring so I could go to Brown and Black Belt class. He taught me forms for my tests. He taught me board breaking and said that my kicks need to be in the middle of the board. He also taught me one steps so I can protect myself. Thank you Grandmaster Wells for helping me do the things I needed to do for my Black Belt test and for letting me lead class. He also pointed out that I needed to turn my foot. Thank you Mr. Brewer for helping me on doing my board breaking, forms, one steps and three steps and teaching 6:00 am class on Saturday. Thank you for helping me Mrs. Master Wells on my one steps, forms, and three steps during Sunday Forms classes. Thank you Mrs. Bassett for good advice on board breaking and helping me on my forms, one steps, three steps, and sparring. Thank you Ms. Bassett for telling me that my kicks need to get higher during sparring. Thank you Mr. Hass for helping me and giving me good advice on board breaking, forms, and sparring and sometimes teaching class on Saturday at 6:00. Thank you Mr. Tressel for fixing my forms on Saturday mornings. I would like to thank Mr. Fulton. I want to be more like you. He is good at teaching and helps me do other stuff. His sparring is really cool and I would like to be like him. Thank you Mr. Hermann for telling me that I need to hit in the middle on my board breaks. Mr. Tankersy thank you for coming up on Saturday morning to work with me. Thank you Mrs. Carmichael for helping me while I was a color belt at normal class. Thank you Mr. Dobson for trying to make me not shy. Thank you Mr. Ragan for telling me my forms are good and to keep trying at them. Mr. Ostrander helped me keep my hands up during sparring and pointing it out thank you. Thank you Mrs. Burrell and Mrs. Bucklan for letting me go your branch some nights if something comes up at our Dojang. Mrs. and Ms. Cain helped me a lot at our Dojang over the first year and then they started a different Dojang and thank you. Mr. Runyan and Ms. Hendershott thank you for helping me on Saturday class. Mr. Winons thank you for helping me at our regular branch. Master Sledge and Master Garrett and Master Aves thank you for pushing me to do my best and helping me at classes. Thank you Mom and Dad for paying for me to go to class and driving me to class and helping me. Thank you for washing doboks and buying my equipment and boards to break. Thank you Dad for cutting boards. I have been helping lower belts on their forms, board breaks, one steps, and sparring and got better at teaching people. In the future I will keep helping people and get better at working with people too. I am going to keep helping people because it is fun and they get better and I get better and it makes me


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