Welcome to Duniye Spa – step into our world of care Time is left at the door and a new journey begins. Step into a sacred space for healing, touch and aroma - an exclusive place just for yourself! Taking care of oneself is essential for joyful and healthy living. Do you feel stressed or tired? Want to re-charge your energy, rejuvenate body and mind? Feel and look good? Imagine a deep sense of calm, joy and serenity. A feeling of contentment and happiness. Experience the balance between inner and outer beauty, between that which is visible and that which lies within. Let our skilled therapists take you on this rejuvenating journey to cheerful relaxation and well-being. Our Philosophy At Duniye Spa your needs and concerns are in good hands; genuine care and atten-tion to detail paired with customized and excellent service ensure that you will enjoy pleasure and maximum benefits with each treatment, treasuring each moment every day! Holistic spa services with exclusive product lines, Pure™ and [comfort zone]™, are designed to calm, relax, rejuvenate and nourish body, mind & soul. Latest scientific research and development ensure that our products deliver a high performance spa experience with outstanding results. With a group of carefully selected partners, we are supporting sustainable product production and trying to minimize as best as possible our environmental impact. How to Spa • opening hours:10am to 8pm • enjoy the full benefits of your spa experience; please come to the spa 15 minutes • experience the full benefits of our products; kindly shower prior to your treatment • please note late arrivals may not be honored and will be subject to time deduction • need to reschedule your spa experience? No problem, please give us minimum 6 hours notice; we regret that a 50% charge will be made for treatments cancelled less than 6 hours prior to your appointment. A 100% charge will apply for no-show • packaged offers are not refundable, not transferable and pre-booking is required • all rates are quoted per person or as indicated • management reserves the right to change the spa menu and prices without prior • for more information please call ext. 114 • all prices are subject to 6% GST prices are subject to 6% GST Spa Menu Helengeli Island Resort_2012 Imagine your body lavished with the sweet fragrance of essential oils from frangipani, grapefruit and orange. Our signature vanilla & whipped cocoa massage butter richly hydrates your skin, and tension is expertly soothed and melted away. A harmonious combination of different massage and healing techniques ensures a deep sense of calm and balance. Enjoy this personal and customized treatment. • eucalyptus & peppermint foot bath • full body massage with unique combination of balinese, hawaiian A sense of wonder will awaken within you with Duniye Spa’s bespoke signature ritual, the essence of coconut: yummy, tasteful, fragrant and full of benefits from head to toe. Enjoy shiny and lustrous hair, smooth and soft skin, profound and deep relaxation. Drift away with the scent of coconut. • eucalyptus & peppermint foot bath • choice of balinese or oriental massage with warm infused coconut oil • application of coconut hair mask and head massage • freshly ground coconut-vanilla body polish • application of tropical coconut body lotion • tropical refreshment [Please book one day in advance as we prepare the body polish with freshly ground coconut] 120 min/ US$ 158 Too much sun? Do you want to cool off body and mind? Let the purest natural remedies do their work on you: cool, heal and nourish your body from head to toe, immerse yourself in an exotic, luxurious celebration of nature’s goodness. • eucalyptus & peppermint foot bath • stress reliever back massage • soothing and healing aloe vera cocoon • traditional fresh honey-cucumber facial • nourishing hair-scalp massage with warm rosemary oil 90 min/ US$ 112 Please ask Spa Reception about à la carte packages. prices are subject to 6% GST Spa Menu Helengeli Island Resort_2012 Captivate all your senses as you connect with the vital power of The Elements in this most enchanting ritual. Magical not only with full moon! • eucalyptus & peppermint foot bath • balinese or oriental full body massage • choice of body polish with indulgent head and foot massage - muscle relieving ginger lemongrass - moisturizing fresh coconut-vanilla body polish • express mini facial • followed by application of moisturizing body lotion • champagne & fruits • spa gift for your spa experience at home 135 min/ US$ 342 per couple Embrace the essence of pure romance! Be with your partner and let our professionals lead you on this sensory journey. Start with a refreshing eucalyptus & peppermint foot bath followed by: For HER: aroma swedish or balinese massage; skin firming chocolate-coffee body mask, foot massage with stimulating pepper- mint lotion to support purification; replenishing hair-scalp massage with warm infused coconut–rosemary oil. For HIM: invigorating deep tissue aroma or oriental massage, mus-cle relieving ginger lemongrass body rub, deep relaxing indian head massage, followed by reflexology. Concludes with: refreshment and application of moisturizing body lotion of your choice. The ultimate in romance and indulgence! Our skilled therapists welcome you and your loved one with our signature foot bath in a candlelit treatment room. Revitalizing essential oils burn for an intoxicating aroma. Indulge with a sublime balinese massage. Champagne is served for you to savor after the treatment. What more could you ask for? 75 min/ US$ 192 per couple prices are subject to 6% GST Spa Menu Helengeli Island Resort_2012 Feeling stressed and tired? This treatment will help you. It focuses on the area of your body which is most prone to hold tension: back, neck and shoulders. Feel a deep sense of relaxation and relief. To support the therapeutic effect of this treatment we use hot jade & basalt stones with diverse healing properties. 60 min/ US$ 86 If massages are relatively new for you, this is the perfect getaway! This gentle and calming massage has it’s origin in Bali. A combination of acupressure, skin rolling and relaxing strokes has a restoring and calming effect. It is a favourite amongst many guests. 60 min/ US$ 86 Do you prefer stronger pressure and a combination of traditional techniques? Then you will enjoy this restoring and balancing massage with the best techniques from thai, balinese and indian head massage. 60 min/ US$ 86 Described as “Yoga Massage”, this treatment opens up the joints and improves body flexibility and postural alignment. The effects are energizing and uplifting. (No oil is used) 60 min/ US$ 86 An invigorating, deep tissue sports massage which applies medium to strong pressure incorporating well-known swedish massage techniques to knead and wring away tension and stress. Finger, thumb and palm pressure combined with percussion techniques stimulate skin circulation and improve release of tension. 60 min/ US$ 86 A healing combination of indian head massage and reflexology which brings deep relaxation to body and mind while stimulating the body’s innate healing power. 60 min/ US$ 84 Lymphatic Drainage Profound massage techniques help to increase the lymph flow and elimi-Massage nate toxins. A great massage to support detoxification, combat fluid reten-tion and improve the body’s immune system. 60 min/ US$ 84 prices are subject to 6% GST Spa Menu Helengeli Island Resort_2012 An exclusive anti-aging and restructuring treatment with retinol and lacto-proteins for a deep and visible wrinkle-reducing action. A delightful massage to face, neck, shoulders and arms enhances Result: signs of time are visibly reduced, skin is extraordinarily smoothed and toned; your skin retrieves its luminosity. 75 min/ US$ 105 Starting with a revitalizing back massage, this treatment helps to purify, hydrate and revitalize the skin; leaving you with a A facial specifically formulated for the male complexion. Ideal for frequent air travelers and those with a stressful lifestyle. 75 min/ US$ 105 Complete your facial with a lifting collagen eye mask for the delicate eye area; reduce immediate puffiness, smooth fine lines and increase luminosity around the eyes. A gentle, calming yet effective facial that deeply hydrates and nourishes especially dry and sensitive skin. An exclusive blend of powerful botanical extracts penetrate deep into the epidermis to nourish the skin from inside out. The age reversal serum nourished with essential peptides, vitamins and plant extracts helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A delightful face massage using chinese jade rollers is included. 60 min/ US$ 89 Rich in botanical essences, this facial rebalances, purifies and decongests, leaving your complexion radiant, clear and refreshed. A creamy thyme & lemon balm exfoliant encourage internal cleansing of the skin, while a specialized dandelion & green tea clay mask absorbs excess oils and nourishes the skin with powerful antioxidants and nutrients. Includes application of effective age reversal serum. A delightful face massage using chinese jade rollers is included. 60 min/ US$ 89 prices are subject to 6% GST Spa Menu Helengeli Island Resort_2012 Concerned with fluid retention, weight loss or skin texture? This treatment will help you to feel and see results. How? Active ingredients derived from marine sediments and plant extracts such as eucalyptus, cinnamon and caffeine support profound toxin drainage, and lymph activity while enhancing the natural breakdown of fatty deposits. After full body exfoliation, a detoxifying and slimming wrap will be massaged into the skin; followed by a specialized massage with firming body cream leaving your body contours re-defined and your skin firmed and toned. Effective slimming is specially achieved with a course of treat-ments. Please check à la carte package options. 75 min/ US$ 105 Experience soft, supple and deeply moisturized skin. After a soothing back massage, a body polish with locally grown, freshly ground coconut and natural coconut oil exfoliates and renews your skin. A pampering head massage and the application of tropical coconut body lotion concludes this treatment. The perfect preparation for your day on the beach; best suitable for sensitive or dry skin. [Please book one day in advance as we prepare the body polish Cleansing & Smoothing Our aromatic coffee body polish will entice any coffee lover while it Coffee-Chocolate Cocoon exfoliates and stimulates circulation; followed by a heavenly vanilla scented coffee-chocolate body mask to further deepen the nourishing and toning effect for the skin. Choice of coconut or frangipani lotion for the concluding massage completes this Let your senses drift away, while your body is deeply nourished and cared for. Leaves your skin cleansed, soft and toned. 75 min/ US$ 105 Start with a ginger lemongrass body rub to assist circulation and deep muscle stimulation. Freshly steamed ginger slices will be placed on your back to further aide a deep penetrating muscle relieving process. Conclude with a stress recovery back massage to address the areas most prone to hold tension and tightness. Perfect to release muscle tension and revitalize the body from the inside out. 75 min/ US$ 105 prices are subject to 6% GST Spa Menu Helengeli Island Resort_2012 Did you ever wonder about Asian beauty secrets? How to obtain lustrous, shiny and healthy hair? The goodness of one plant provides it Warm blended coconut oil infused with rosemary essential oil is carefully massaged into your scalp. A coconut milk hair mask follows to nourish your hair. An arm, shoulder and neck massage is an added treat, while the hair is wrapped in a warm towel. The perfect treat after a day in the sun and sea. Concludes with a full body application of moisturizing frangipani body lotion. 60 min/ US$ 75 Luxurious conditioning care for your hands. More youthful hands through nail filing, cuticle trimming and minimizing, exfoliation and hand/arm massage. Hands are visibly softer and smoother. Nail polish or buffing included. (additional charge of US$ 5 for French/nail art) 60 min/ US$ 55 Pampering time for your feet! Begin with an aromatic foot soak and scrub. Filing, cuticle minimizing and pampering foot/leg massage to enhance the condition of your feet. Nail polish or buffing included. (additional charge of US$ 5 for French/nail art) 60 min/ US$ 55 Subject to availability: waxing, eyebrow shaping, hair services. Please ask for more information at our Spa Reception A deeply relaxing treatment where the body’s natural healing ability is activated. The therapist will slowly bring you to a deep state of relaxation by placing her hands on key points of the body. Energy flows into your body and rebalances your body’s intricate energy system. 60 min/ US$ 84 The science and art of Yoga brings health, well-being and ultimately happiness into our lives. Our Yoga practice focuses on: Asana (postures), Pranayama Breath (Prana = life-force) and Meditation. The private class is customized according to your individual needs to guarantee maximum benefit. Classes are for beginners. Yoga is currently limited to availability in some of our Spas. Please enquire for more information at the spa reception. 75 min/ US$ 50 single class 75 min/ US$ 90 couple class prices are subject to 6% GST Spa Menu Helengeli Island Resort_2012


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