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Contact Details :Centex Shrimp Biotechnology, Room 440Chalerm Prakiat Building 4th Floor, Faculty of Science, Mahidol UniversityRama VI Road Bangkok 10400, ThailandTel : 0-2201-5873 Fax : 0-2354-7344.
E-mail: Academic Position : Visiting ProfessorCentex Shrimp Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University Research Interest :- Chitosan microspheres for drug delivery and tissue engineering- Production of high quality chitosan- Product diversification of chitosan- Quality control of chitosan- Chitin oligomer chitin synthesis and fractionation- Chitin nanoparticles Collaborations and Networking (selection) : Collaboration with Universities and Institutes in Thailand Research collaboration with Universities in Singapore, Osaka, Gwangju (Korea), Nha Trang(VN) and Palmerstone (NZ) Committee member Asia Pacific Conferences on Chitin and Chitosan Bangkok (1996, 2002),Singapore (2004) and Busan Korea (2006). Co-organizer Asian Pacific Conference on Chitinand Chitosan in Yangon, Myanmar June 2008 Member of the EU consortium on Nano Bio Saccharides, a joint research program with 10prominent European laboratories including Universities of Muenster (Germany), Lyon(France) , Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and Aarhus (Denmark) Areas of Specialization :Medical and animal biotechnologyMolecular and cell biologyProduction chitin chitosan biopolymers from shrimp and crab shellApplication chitosan in agriculture, food, feed, cosmetics, medicineQuality control of chitin and chitosanPreparation of chitin and chitosan microparticles and microspheresResearch on cloning of chitin deacetylase in the yeast PichiaToxicology and occupational toxicology Previous Job Experiences :J. F. Kennedy Professor in Bioprocess Technology 1994-2003Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, ThailandCoordinator PhD and MSc program. Advisor of thesis research of PhD and MSc studentsduring 10 yearsResearch in biopolymers mainly on industrial aspects of chitosan from shrimp, on starch fromcassava and on DNA detection.
Division Director TNO Health Research Organization The Netherlands 1990-94Research programs in gene technology, genotoxicity, gerontology, primate research,radiobiology, neurotoxicology, preventive health care and cardiovascular biochemistry.
Director Medical Biological Laboratory TNOThe Netherlands 1978 -1990Research programs in microbiology, DNA technology, cell biology, (occupational) toxicology AIT Full Professor Bioprocess Technology Metabolism and enzyme regulation in bacteriaElucidation origin DNA replication in bacteriophage lambdaNeuron and myotube development in tissue culture Starch Institute Changchun China FAO 1997Biotech in Organic farming APO, Hanoi 2003Nha Trang University of Fisheries Vietnam Japanese Society for Chitin ChitosanThai C hitin and Chitosan Consultancy GroupDutch Governmental Steering Committees on Industrial and Medical BiotechnologyEditor Journal GeneAcademic Board of University of RotterdamChair Committee for Molecular Biology, University of Amsterdam Chitosan-Alginate Multilayer Beads for Gastric Passage and Controlled Intestinal Release ofProteinsAnil K. Anal, Deepak Bhopatkar, Seiichi Tokura, Hiroshi Tamura and Willem F. StevensDrug Dev Ind Pharm (2003) 29, 713-724 Characterization of Decrystallized Chitosan and its Application in Biosorption of TextileDyes.
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Chuen-How Ng, San Hein, Kozo Ogawa, S. Chandrkrachang, Willem F. StevensCarbohydrate Polymers (2007) published on line.


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