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If you find the wide array of pain-relief options on the market bewildering, your pharmacist should have all the answers. Words: Julie Penfold Illustration: Toby Morison When you need pain relief
Options: “Analgesics such as 
over-the-counter (OTC) remedy  options for headaches,” says  Period pain
Symptoms: lower abdominal 
Options: “NSAIDs such as 
Hertfordshire. “You also need to take into account contra-indications |- “Paracetamol is very
effective in treating
mild to moderate pain
medication you’re already on.”   caused by headaches”
 tension headaches 
are the most common type. 
How they work: paracetamol 
both sides of the head – or one  Take with caution: pregnant 
Arshid adds: “If pain persists,  women or people with asthma,  How they work: ibuprofen 
Take with caution: never 
Joint pain
Symptoms: stiffness, reduced 
28 benhealth Summer 2013
• Sunburn: if you find your skin going pinker than planned,

taking paracetamol or one of the NSAIds can help to minimise
any mild discomfort. If there are associated signs of heatstroke
or burns, especially in babies and children, seek medical help.
• Insect bites: applying a topical antihistamine cream can

relieve their redness and itchiness. For additional pain relief,
paracetamol is the best option.

“NSAIDs can help to ease
musculoskeletal pain and
reduce inflammation in
affected joints by speeding
up the healing process”
Stomach upsets
Symptoms: bloating, trapped
Options: “Simeticone is an
to relieve the symptoms associated with trapped gas,” • Paracetamol and
ibuprofen can be given to
babies as young as three
months old, but aspirin is
unsuitable for children
aged under 16.
• With any over-the-
counter medication –
particularly paracetamol
– it is important to follow
the instructions and not to
How they work: simeticone is
exceed the stated dose.
• If your pain persists or
you have any concerns
about your health, consult
How they work: NSAIDs can
Options: “NSAIDs – for
Take with caution: antacids
spray or oral painkiller – are the up the healing process. Take with caution: for
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