Journal of Animal Science
Volume 79, Number 5, May 2001
Effect of group size on pig performance in a wean-to-finish production system. B. F. Wolter, M. Ellis, S. E. Curtis, N. R. Augspurger, D. N. Hamilton, E. N. Parr, and D. M. Webel.1067 Effect of weaning status and implant regimen on growth, performance, and carcass characteristics of steers. J. P. Schoonmaker, F. L. Fluharty, S. C. Loerch, T. B. Turner, S. J. Moeller, and D. M. Wulf.1074 Calf growth in captive Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus): Effects of birth date and hind milk production and composition. T. Landete-Castillejos, A. Garcia, and L. Gallego.1085 Evaluation of alternative measures of pork carcass composition. A. P. Schinckel, J. R. Wagner, J. C. Forrest, and M. E. Einstein.1093 Effectiveness of intravaginal progesterone inserts and FSH for inducing synchronized estrus and increasing lambing rate in anestrous ewes. M. Knights, T. Hoehn, P. E. Lewis, and E. K. Inskeep.1120 Chemical characteristics and relative bioavailability of supplemental organic copper sources for poultry.
R. Guo, P. R. Henry, R. A. Holwerda, J. Cao, R. C. Littell, R. D. Miles, and C. B. Ammerman.1132 Daily access to pasture turnout prevents loss of mineral in the third metacarpus of Arabian weanlings. R. A. Bell, B. D. Nielsen, K. Waite, D. Rosenstein, and M. Orth.1142 Genetic × environment interactions on blood constituents of Angus, Brahman, and reciprocal-cross cows and calves grazing common bermudagrass or endophyte-infected tall fescue. N. A. Cole, M. A. Brown, and W. A. Phillips.1151 BREEDING AND GENETICS
Spirometric performance in Belgian Blue calves: II. Analysis of environmental factors and estimation of F. Bureau, C. Michaux, J. Coghe, Ch. Uystepruyst, P. L. Leroy, and P. Lekeux.1162 Use of the preconditioned conjugate gradient algorithm as a generic solver for mixed-model equations in animal breeding applications. S. Tsuruta, I. Misztal, and I. Strandén.1166 Breed and heterotic effects on postweaning traits in Altex and New Zealand White straightbred and crossbred rabbits. M. F. Medellin and S. D. Lukefahr.1173 ENVIRONMENT AND BEHAVIOR
Effects of surgical catheterization and degree of isolation on the behavior and exocrine pancreatic M. S. Herskin and M. S. Hedemann.1179 Behavioral sampling techniques for feedlot cattle. F. M. Mitlöhner, J. L. Morrow-Tesch, S. C. Wilson, J. W. Dailey, and J. J. McGlone.1189 GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY
Analysis of the signal pathways involved in the regulation of fatty acid synthase gene expression by insulin and somatotropin. D. Yin, M. J. Griffin, and T. D. Etherton.1194 MEAT SCIENCE
Effect of dietary oils and α-tocopheryl acetate supplementation on lipid (TBARS) and cholesterol A. I. Rey, J. P. Kerry, P. B. Lynch, C. J. López-Bote, D. J. Buckley, and P. A. Morrissey.1201 Characterization of biological types of cattle (Cycle V): Carcass traits and longissimus palatability. T. L. Wheeler, L. V. Cundiff, S. D. Shackelford, and M. Koohmaraie.1209 NONRUMINANT NUTRITION
I. Mavromichalis, B. J. Kerr T. M. Parr, D. M. Albin, V. M. Gabert, and D. H. Baker.1223 Effects of dietary soy isoflavones ongrowth, carcass traits, and meat quality in growing-finishing pigs. R. L. Payne, T. D. Bidner, L. L. Southern, and J. P. Geaghan.1230 Effects of exposure to high ambient temperature and dietary protein level on performance of multiparous lactating sows. D. Renaudeau, N. Quiniou, and J. Noblet.1240 The effect of feed intake on ileal rate of passage and apparent amino acid digestibility determined with or without correction factors in pigs. D. M. Albin, J. E. Wubben, M. R. Smiricky, and V. M. Gabert.1250 Energy utilization of low-protein diets in growing pigs. L. Le Bellego, J. van Milgen, S. Dubois, and J. Noblet.1259 The effect of dietary soy genistein on pig growth and viral replication during a viral challenge. L. L. Greiner, T. S. Stahly, and T. J. Stabel.1272 Apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids and the digestible and metabolizable energy content of dry extruded-expelled soybean meal and its effects on growth performance of pigs. J. C. Woodworth, M. D. Tokach, R. D. Goodband, J. L. Nelssen, P. R. O'Quinn, D. A. Knabe, and N. W. Said.1280 PHARMACOLOGY AND TOXICOLOGY
Effect of ruminal microflora on the biotransformation of netobimin, albendazole, albendazole sulfoxide, and albendazole sulfoxide enantiomers in an artificial rumen. B. P. S. Capece, S. Calsamiglia, G. Castells, M. Arboix, and C. Cristòfol.1288 PHYSIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY
Growth hormone response to growth hormone-releasing hormone in beef cows divergently selected for milk production. T. L. Auchtung, D. S. Buchanan, C. A. Lents, S. M. Barao, and G. E. Dahl.1295 Spirometric performance in Belgian Blue calves: I. Effects on economic losses due to the bovine F. Bureau, J. Detilleux, T. Dorts, Ch. Uystepruyst, J. Coghe, P. L. Leroy, and P. Lekeux.1301 RUMINANT NUTRITION
Ruminal peptide concentration required to optimize microbial growth and efficiency. C. J. Fu, E. E. D. Felton, J. W. Lehmkuhler, and M. S. Kerley.1305 Source and level of energy supplementation for yearling cattle fed ammoniated hay. J. B. Royes, W. F. Brown, F. G. Martin, and D. B. Bates.1313 The effect of dietary nitrogen and protein on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, and nitrogen flux across the portal-drained viscera and liver of sheep consuming high-concentrate diets ad libitum. C. L. Ferrell, H. C. Freetly, A. L. Goetsch, and K. K. Kreikemeier.1322 Molecular identification of high-affinity glutamate transporters in sheep and cattle forestomach, intestine, liver, kidney, and pancreas. J. A. Howell, A. D. Matthews, K. C. Swanson, D. L. Harmon, and J. C. Matthews.1329 Adverse effects of excess lysine in calves. M. Abe, T. Iriki, K. Kaneshige, K. Kuwashima, S. Watanabe, H. Sato, and M. Funaba.1337 Effects of supplemental alfalfa hay on the digestion of soybean hull-based diets by cattle. A. M. Trater, E. C. Titgemeyer, C. A. Löest, and B. D. Lambert.1346 RAPID COMMUNICATIONS Rapid communication: Chromosomal localization and partial cDNA sequence of the porcine ATP synthase, H+ transporting, mitochondrial F0 complex, subunit e (ATP5I) gene. S. Maak, S. Jaesert, K. Neumann, M. Yerle, and G. von Lengerken.1352 ANNOUNCEMENTS AND SOCIETY BUSINESS


January 2000 M o d u l e by Dorothea C. Rudorf, Pharm.D., M.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical PharmacyMassachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences This module was produced in association with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences This module was made possible by a This module is approved for 2 credits toward a New Hope Institute o


Once again, the Nunawading Unit will be hosting Bush Nav Day 2011. Again this year it will be a 6 hour event, aimed at SES personnel looking for a bush navigation challenge. There will be teams participating using traditional compass skills, as well as teams who wish to use their GPS. The event follows Rogaine principles, however checkpoints will require various activities to be undertaken,

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