Lithium btys

Lithium Batteries
Lithium Thionyl Chloride / Lithium Sulphur Di-Oxide Secondary
HBL, is a designer and manufacturer of specialised batteries and electronics for Defence, Aircraft, Telecom, Railways and Industry. The company produces batteries in Lithium, Nickel, Silver, and Lead technologies. Lithium batteries have been developed with support from DRDO in the year 1990.
F e a t u r e s
Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries are highly reliable and offer numerous advantages
High Voltage : Cell open circuit voltage is 3.6 correspondingly Wide Operating Temparature : Can operate from -40°C
higher operating voltage than other conventional cells
to 70° and can withstand adverse environmental conditions Discharge Profile : At rated discharge, cell operating voltage
Long Shelf Life : Offers shelf life upto 5 years
remains constant at 3.3V throughout maximum discharge life Safety : Minimised Pressure system
High Energy Density : Offer upto 440 wh/kg
Spiral wound construction cells with Lithium metal as the negative electrode, Carbon as positive electrode with nickel substrate, and glass fibre separator are used. Thionyl Chloride as depolariser and electrolyte. Hermetically sealed to CELL SPECIFICATIONS
Maximum discharge current
> Army Communication Batteries
> Memory back-up
> Medical electronics
> Avionics
> Remote stand alone systems
> Army communication equipments
Cells for Night Vision Goggles (PRB), search and
rescue beacons (SARBE) equipment battery, > Anti tank/Underwater mines
Air Force and Naval versions.
> Submarine
> Hand Grenades
> PRIBOY 2S battery for KOMAR rescue
> Energy meters
> Radars
> Sonar Locater beacon batteries for naval
> Avalanche Victim Detectors
aircraft in sea harrier
> Mine Batteries (Certificate awaited)
> Real time clocks
> Ranger buoy batteries (type certification in
> Flow meters
> Home security
> Cells for CMOS memory back-up of
> Rescue beacons
> Control systems
> Radiation leak detector battery
> Reserve batteries
> Computer applications
> Underwater recording instruments
HBL Power Systems Limited
Road # 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500 034. INDIA


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