L O P I N A V I R / R I T O N A V I R ( K a l e t r a ® )
T a b l e t s : 2 0 0 m g l o p i n a v i r + 5 0 m g r i t o n a v i r
closely as possible. Adherence to therapy will helpprevent resistance (HIV’s ability to recognize and defeatthe effect of the medication) and avoid treatment failure Kaletra® is a combination of two antiretroviral drugs: (loss of efficacy of the antiretroviral treatment), which lopinavir and ritonavir. They act by preventing would result in an increased viral load and a lower multiplication of the human immunodeficiency virus number of CD4 cells, which are the ones that help your Lopinavir and ritonavir are viral protease inhibitors. They Nearly everyone tends to relax their compliance with the act by strongly inhibiting the development of new viral treatment at some point. The key to success is motivation. Don’t hesitate to consult members of yourcare team so that they can explain the benefits of the Kaletra® is used in combination with other antiretroviral treatment you are having. They can also suggest ways drugs to slow the progression of the disease and reduce that will help you maintain it properly. Unless you are the risk of opportunistic infections (AIDS-related experiencing a severe adverse effect, never stop your treatment without first speaking to your doctor.
Kaletra® does not cure AIDS nor kill the virus. There isa permanent risk of transmitting HIV either throughsexual or blood contact. It is therefore essential that precautions always be taken (latex condoms, clean Fertile women must use an effective means of birthcontrol.
• Oral contraceptives (contraceptive pill): Kaletra®
can reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.
H o w d o I t a k e t h i s m e d i c a t i o n ? Other methods of contraception, like latex condoms,must be used in combination with your actualcontraceptive.
• St-John’s Wort: St-John’s Wort can reduce the
effectiveness of Kaletra® and even make the virusbecome resistant to it. Do not take St-John’s Wort with • Sildenafil (Viagra®), tadalafil (Cialis®),
vardenafil (Levitra®): Sildenafil and
Kaletra® may be taken with or without food.
Kaletra® oral solution must be taken with food as food increases its absorption and efficacy.
It is important to take your antiretroviral medicine properly - i.e. never forget a dose, follow the instructionson how to take the medicine, and always keep on with The list of medications you should avoid is long and subject to change. Consult your doctor or pharmacistbefore taking any new medication (prescription or non- It is important to take Kaletra® regularly, at the same time each day, and to keep to this schedule as W h a t a r e t h e s i d e e f f e c t s o f t h e s e m e d i c a t i o n s ? NORMAL REACTIONS WHICH WILL DISAPPEAR OR CAN BE TREATED CONTINUE THE MEDICATION
IMMEDIATELY see your doctor if you experience:
The long term effects of Kaletra® are not yet known. However, wedo know that this type of medication may be related to the Hepatitis symptoms (liver inflammation)
appearance of the following signs: increasing of the breasts, fat - Pale or fatty stools, abdominal or stomach pains, loss of appetite accumulation around the waist or neck with weight loss in the legs,- Dark urine, jaundice (yellow skin and eyes) The possible link existing between protease inhibitors and theabove mentionned side effects is not yet known. It is also possiblethat other medications are involved. Keep your doctor or pharmacist informed of any side effectcausing discomfort so they can help you deal with it. Medical follow-up: Through regular blood tests your doctor will monitor the effect of this medication on your liver, levels
of fat (cholesterol, triglycerides) and sugar (glycemia). Note that tenofovir can cause nephrotoxicity on some subjects.
Take the dose you missed as soon as possible and then continue with your regular schedule. However, if it’s nearly time to take the following dose, do not take the missed dose and just take the following one at the usual time.
Do not double up doses.
hard liquor), which canincrease the risk of Talk to your doctor if you want to take Kaletra® and are pregnant hepatitis (liver inflammation) or interact with some alcoholic drink. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, reasonable (social) consumption original packaging and stored in a dryplace at room temperature (<25°C or Always keep your appointments with your doctor and the care <77°F). Avoid humidity (bathrooms, etc.).
team so that your health can be closely monitored.
Kaletra® oral solution must be stored in the If you have any questions about your medications or need helpto schedule when to take them, please contact your doctor or refrigerator. It can also be stored at room pharmacist, who is familiar with what you are taking.
temperature (<25°C or <77°F) for a Telephone : _____________________________ Keep out of sight and reach of children.

Source: http://www.hivmedicationguide.com/pdf/antiretrovirals/english/kaletra.pdf

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