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Microsoft word - agenda december 10, 2012

Forest Park Elementary School – 8:00 p.m.
Student Recognition: 2012 Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology

Sadaf Ahmad, High School West
Tammy Jin, High School East
Rekha Korlipara, High School East
Abhinav Patil, High School East
Robert Tannenbaum, H.S. East
High School East Tennis Team 2012 Suffolk County Champs
Melissa Achenbaum ● Divya Rao
Brynn April
● Gabrielle Raziel
Natalie Haebich
● Vanessa Scott
Allison Huber
● Emily Spevack
Amanda Luper
● Rebecca Stern
Aikta Rajput
● Jennifer Wang
Staff Recognition: National Board Teacher Certification
Namrata Dixit, Candlewood Middle School
Jessica Nolan, High School East
James Nolan, High School East
Elissa Reichstein, Candlewood/West Hollow
Patrick Rendon, High School East
COMMENTS FROM VISITORS RELATED TO THE PRESENTATIONS Agenda - Board of Education Meeting – December 10, 2012


Tenure Recommendation The Superintendent of Schools is recommending the following Certificated Personnel for Tenure: 1. Emily Giunta, West Hollow/Special Education Certificated Personnel None Non-Certificated Personnel 1. Linda Greene, Special Education Paraprofessional/High School East 2. Denise Kaufman, Special Education Paraprofessional/Signal Hill 3. Justine Marcello, Special Education Paraprofessional/Otsego 1. Lindsay Kuschel, Elementary/Signal Hill 1. Kathy Calderon, Special Education Para/Signal Hill Certificated Personnel None Non-Certificated Personnel Appointments/Leave of Absence Replacements Certificated Personnel None Non-Certificated Personnel Agenda - Board of Education Meeting – December 10, 2012

Certificated Personnel 1. Sofia Spinnato, Mathematics/HSW, .1 Part time/Term/Step 1D 01/28/13 – 06/21/13 Non-Certificated Personnel Certificated Personnel None Non-Certificated Personnel None Substitutes for FMLA/Long Term Subs 1. Melissa Hanley (W.Pohlmann) Elementary/Forest Park, 1/200 of Step 1A 2. Kerri Angst (M. Zarzicki) English/HSE, 1/200 of Step 1A 3. Heather Sutz (A.Iannone) Elementary/Sunquam, 1/200 of Step 1A 4. Thomas Savarese (J.Werle) Science/HSE, 1/200 of Step 1A Non-Certificated Personnel Substitutes for FMLA 1. Jeffrey Asman, Substitute Monitor/West Hollow 1. Salvatore LoPresti, Head Custodian/Forest Park n) Appointments-Monitors/Paraprofessionals, Non-Certificated Personnel 1. Lesly Augustin, $25.00, Extended Day ABA/Pupil Personnel 2. Anthony Cerrone, Step 1/$13.00, Monitor/High School East 3. Larraine Ciccarelli, Step 5/$15.15, Special Education Para/West Hollow 4. Jamie Cottone, Step 5/$15.15, Special Education Para/Otsego 5. Allegra Estevez, Step 5/$15.15, Special Education Para/Signal Hill 6. Diane Garrone, Step 1/$13.00, Lunchroom Monitor/Forest Park 7. Lisa Guido, $25.00, Extended Day ABA/Pupil Personnel 8. Rachel Hirshan, Step 5/$15.15, Special Education Para/Paumanok 9. Karen Macina, Step 1/$13.00, Lunchroom Monitor/Forest Park 10. Eluisa Mastro, Step 5/$15.15, Paraprofessional/West Hollow 11. Rebekah Muthana, Step 4/$14.86, Special Education Para/Paumanok 12. Elese Thompson, Step 5/$15.15, Special Education Para/West Hollow Additional Compensation (See Attachments a through i) Agenda - Board of Education Meeting – December 10, 2012

Donation from HHH High School East Baseball Booster Club Donation from Cablevision Systems – MSG Varsity New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal Check Disposition of Obsolete/Unserviceable Computer Equipment State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) Type II Action Anonymous Donation to the Athletic Department – Hills Swim and Dive Program  Smithtown Central School District – District of Location – 2012-2013 school year  South Huntington Union Free School District – District of Location – 2012-2013 school year First Reading of Policy #9645 Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct (Whistleblower Policy) REQUESTS FROM THE BOARD OF EDUCATION
Monthly Budget Transfers Information Report Enrollment Reports as of October 31, 2012 and November 30, 2012 NEW BUSINESS


Monday, January 14, 2013, 8:00 p.m.
Paumanok Elementary School


Appendix i: standard kit list

Short Trip Packing Checklist You should consider that whatever you pack, you wil have to carry with you. Therefore, be careful not to get too excited and take too much. Ideal y you should have a 60-80 litre rucksack or holdal and a smal day sack (30-35 litres). You should use the fol owing checklist as a guide: Essential Items  Photocopies of your passport and cash cards in ca

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