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Excessive hair growth
cycle (day 1 is the first day of your period), Edgewater House,
Edgewater Road,
The first cycle should normally be monitored Belfast, BT3 9JQ.
2) Remove unwanted hair by cosmetic measures, by ultrasound scan, and you can also have including shaving, waxing, depilation creams, progesterone levels checked in the second half of your cycle. If you do not ovulate, the POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME
3) The combined oral contraceptive pill. dose can be increased to 100mg/day or 150 Patient information sheet
mg/day. The pregnancy rate (per cycle) with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common 6) Vaniqa cream applied twice daily for at least 8 pregnancy rate is 8-10%.Clomifene should weeks. You might need to use for at least 4 a) Irregular and infrequent periods, and failure to ovulate (produce an egg). This may lead to 3) Metformin 500mg three times daily. This can Because of the way hair grows, it can take at least make you ovulate more frequently, though it nine months to see the full benefit of certain
is not usually as as clomifene. It should be taken as above (see excessive hair growth) You may have some of these problems, and often and the multiple pregnancy rate is only 1%. To minimise any potential tummy upset with other female members of your extended family may Unlike clomifene, there is no time restriction Metformin, take 500mg with your evening meal for 2 on how long it can be used. Metformin can weeks, then 500mg with lunch and dinner for 2 weeks and then 500mg with breakfast, lunch and above), so it may be beneficial to take both The diagnosis of PCOS can be confirmed by an ultrasound scan of your ovaries and by measuring some of the reproductive hormones in your blood. Irregular periods
The doctor will be able to tell you more about these This is a surgical approach in which a small Management of PCOS
3) Twelve days of a tablet such as Norethisterone 5) Ovulation Induction with Intra-uterine What you do about PCOS depends on your needs. If you are overweight, sustained weight loss is the This is a specialised treatment and you will Unfortunately (2) and (3) may cause weight gain, so best way to reduce all the symptoms. When exercise need to be seen by an infertility specialist to it is important to try and exercise as much as is increased along with reduced calorie intake, the possible. They are inappropriate if you are trying for benefit can be remarkable. Many of the benefits can be obtained by relatively small degrees of weight Infertility
This is the most successful treatment but also the most expensive. You will need to be seen 1) If overweight, weight reduction is important. by an infertility specialist for this treatment. (See IVF patient information sheet for further 2) Clomifene is a simple drug treatment. It is given for 5 days starting on day 2 of your menstrual


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