8/18/2013 - 08-14-2013

8/18/2013 - 08-14-2013
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by admin - Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Sunday Coupon Preview
Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected!
(x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes

Arrowhead $1.50/1 700mL multi-pack 100% mountain spring water (9/29)Arrowhead $1/1 8oz multi-pack 100$ mountain spring water (9/29)Arrowhead $1/2 1-liter bottles or 1 .5-liter 6pk sparkling mountain spring water (9/29)C&H $1/1 light 40ct packet box (10/31)C&H $1/1 organic light or amber blue agave nectar bottle (10/31)C&H $2/1 2lb light bag (10/31)ClearCanal $5/1 complete ear wax removal kit (10/31)Degree $3/1 women clinical or 2 women motionsense products (9/15) ETSDisney $1/1 gummy vitamin item (10/2)Dove $3/2 go sleeveless, go fresh, cleartone anti-perspirants/deodorants or 1 clinical prtoectionanti-perspirant/deodorant excludes trial, multi-packs and Men+Care (9/15)Garinier Nutrisse $2/1 nourishing color creme (10/12)Gillette $3/1 disposable razor (9/30) ETSL’Oreal $2/1 advanced haircare treatment (10/12)L’Oreal $3/2 advanced haircare shampoos or conditioners excluding 1.7oz size (10/12)M&M’s $1.50/2 chocolate candies 9.9oz+ (9/22) DNDNestea $1/1 iced tea .5-liter 12-pack or 3 20oz bottles (9/29)Nivea $2/1 men face care product .33-5oz excludes shave gels and foams (9/8)Nivea $2/2 men shaving products 7-8.7oz (9/8)Plus White $2/1 product (9/30)Purina $1/1 3.15lb+ cat chow (11/18)Scope $1/1 mouthwash 750ml+ (9/30)Sparkle $.50/1 2 Giant+ package (9/21)Sunlight $.50/1 dish detergent (9/29)Superpretzel $1/1 soft pretzel item (9/28)Tums $3/2 32ct+ (9/18)Vanity Fair $1/2 napkins (9/30)White Castle $.50/1 microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (9/30)White Castle $1/1 16 microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (9/30)Wisk $1/1 laundry detergent 45oz/24 loads+ (9/29)Zyrtec $10/1 70ct+ (8/25)Zyrtec $5/1 regular or D 24ct+ (9/13) 8/18/2013 - 08-14-2013
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Ace $1/1 sports tape, underwrap, elastic or self-adhering bandages (12/31)Arm & Hammer $1/1 spinbrush kids or tooth tunes product (10/31)Arm & Hammer $1/1 spinbrush product (10/31)Bumble Bee $1/2 premium tuna or salmon pouches (10/31)Clairol $2/1 hair color (9/30) ETSClairol $5/2 Natural Instincts hair color boxes (9/30) ETSClaritin $2/1 childrens syrup 4oz (9/8)Claritin $4/1 childrens chewables 20ct+ (9/8)Claritin $4/1 D 15ct+ (9/8)Clear Care $1.50/1 solution 12oz+ (9/30)Clif $.50/1 mojo bar, mojo dipped bar or mojo 6pk (10/13) DNDDole $.75/1 frozen fruit single-serve cups (10/19)Edge $1/1 shave gel or shave cream 5.1oz+ (9/29)Expo $1.25/2 low odor or original 4ct chisel or fine markers (9/30)Flintstones $1/1 multivitamin or supplement product (10/31)Flintstones $3 off healthy brain support or healthy bone support with purchase of any multivitaminproduct (11/30)Foster Farms $1/1 deli tub, D-shape or variety pack (10/1)French’s $1/1 Flavor Infuser marinade (12/31)Genteal $1.50/1 lubricant eye drops (10/31)Glade $.55/1 premium room spray 9.7oz (9/21)Glade $1.50/2 fall collection products (9/21)Glade $1/1 automatic spray refill (9/21)Glade $1/1 plugins scented oil twin or 2 single refills (9/21)Glade $1/1 plugins scented oil warmer or starter kit (9/21)Glade $1/1 scented oil candle holder or 2 refills (9/21)Glade $1/1 sense & spray product (9/21)Glade $1/2 4oz jar candles (9/21)Goodnites $2/1 disposable bed mats (9/14)Goodnites $2/1 underwear (9/14) ETSGreen Works $1/1 product (10/18) DNDHamburger Helper $.75/3 (10/12)Hershey’s $1/3 Hershey’s miniatures, Hershey’s kisses, Rolo, Reese’s miniatures or Kit Kat miniaturesbags 8.5oz+ (9/22)Hershey’s $1/3 Reese’s, Kit Kat or Hershey’s snack size bags 9-22oz (9/22)Huggies $.50/1 baby wipes 40ct+ (9/14)Huggies $3/1 diapers 42ct+ (9/14)Huggies $3/1 little mover or little snugglers diapers or overnites diapers 42ct+ (9/14)Infusium 23 $2/1 shampoo, conditioner or leave in treatment 8oz+ (9/18)Jell-O $1/2 refrigerated snacks (9/15)Jennie-O $.55/1 turkey bacon 12oz (10/13)Keurig $1/1 12, 16 or 18ct K-Cup pack (9/18)Keurig $5/1 mini plus, elite, classic, special edition, platinum, v500 or v700 brewer (9/18) 8/18/2013 - 08-14-2013
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Kotex $1.50/2 Natural Balance products excludes liners 14-22ct (9/28)Kotex $1/2 U liners excludes 14-22ct (9/28)Kotex $1/2 U pads (9/28) ETSKotex $1/2 U tampons (9/28) ETSLa Victoria $1/1 tortillas (10/13)La Victoria $1/2 products 12oz+ (10/13)Mitchum $1/1 men or women product excludes trial and multipacks (9/22)Nature Valley $.50/1 soft-baked oatmeal squares 6ct+ (10/12)Nonni’s $1/2 biscotti or biscotti bites (10/31)Nonni’s $1/2 THINaddictives (10/31)Opti-Free $1.50/1 solution 10oz+ (9/30)Opti-Free $3/1 PureMoist, RepleniSH and Express 2x10oz twin packs (9/30)Pert Plus $1/1 2-in-1 product 13.5oz+ (9/18)Precious $1/1 stringsters or sticksters 10oz+ (10/31) DNDPUR $.50/1 faucet mount refill or pitcher refill (11/30)PUR $3/1 pitcher or dispenser (11/30)PUR $5/1 faucet mount (11/30)Purina $2/1 Pro Plan dog snack (11/18)Purina $3/1 Pro Plan cat food 7lb+ (11/18)Purina $3/1 Pro plan dog food bag (11/11)Purina B1G1 free Pro Plan cat food can up to $1.79 (11/18)Purina B2G2 free Pro Plan dog food can up to $3.38 (11/11)Seattle’s Best $1/1 8oz frozen coffee blends (10/31)Totino’s $.40/2 rolls snacks (11/9)Ultimate Flora $3/1 probiotic (11/30)Uni-ball $.50/1 2pk or 3pk (9/30)Uni-ball $1/1 4pk+ or Kuru Toga (9/30)WhoKnew $.55/1 smart cookies package (10/13)Zaditor $2.50/1 5ml+ (10/31) _______________________________________________ PDF generated by Kalin's PDF Creation Station

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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ASTRO™ INSECTICIDE MSDS Ref. No.: 52645-53-1-16 Date Approved: 10/29/2007 Revision No.: 6 This document has been prepared to meet the requirements of the U.S. OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200; the EC directive, 2001/58/EC and other regulatory requirements. The information contained herein is for the concentrate as packaged

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