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Vol. 16, no. 2

Kakwitè:ne/Spring 2009
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port material to community caregive Akohserà:ke/Winter
promoting the health and well-being of Native families”. Frequent Marijuana Use =
The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle Washington has released Increased Risk of Testicular
a study on February 9th/09 linking marijuana use with a 70% increased risk of developing testicular cancer in males between 20 and 35 years of age. Frequent (at least weekly) Written by Leo Parent
and /or long-term (up to 10 years) marijuana use may significantly increase the risk of Information taken with permission from
the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research
Center Press Release
“This is consistent with the study’s findings Marijuana smokers beware!! Think twice
that the elevated risk of nonseminoma-type before lighting that joint or hitting that
bong!! Have you ever heard that weed
associated with marijuana use prior to the
age of 18” said senior author Janet R.
drive and thought, “I don’t plan on having Daling, PH.D, an epidemiologist who is also kids anyways!!” or “I’ll just pop a Viagra!” Well, guess what??? You may not be able
Research Center’s Public Health Sciences to have sex at all, because your testicles are Division. Although, this disease is more even more at risk!!! Experiencing the pain of having swollen, inflamed cancerous testicles testicle or who have a family history of that will definitely need intense medical attention, is definitely not worth the risk from smoking weed. Is it worth the risk to you?? aged 18 to 44 with testicular cancer and 979 men aged 18-44 without the disease found that current marijuana users were 70% likely to develop testicular cancer compared to non-users. Chronic tetrahydrocannabinol or THC (a psychoactive substance present in marijuana) exposure has multiple adverse effects on the endocrine and reproductive systems, mostly decreased sperm quality, Sun Safety………………….3 Conferences…….………… 4 First Nations Health and Social Services Resource Center Newsletter Program Updates
publication “What parents need to know about teens. Facts, myths and strategies. Below is an excerpt of the book.

Be an effective parent:
Balance sensitivity and firmness”

Let’s begin with a brief look at some
essential things your teens need from you:

Grade 4/5/6 Kiwetin School students going ∼ They need to be prepared, not scared, ∼ They need to feel that they can rely on you for understanding, support, information and guidance (even if it means setting firm limits). ways to handle conflicts, disappointments, risks and pressures from others, including you. ∼ They need to feel connected not only to friends but to school, family and community. They also need to feel participated in this event. Photos by Michael can think for themselves and be involved in their own solutions. Kanesatake
Perhaps most of all, during this short but critical time of adolescence, your teen needs Leo Shakokenhnion:kwas Parent is the new you to balance sensitivity toward the challenges and pressures she faces, with the right amount of firmness to ensure that she paces herself and doesn’t assume that “anything goes”. In other words, as a parent you have the task of being both attentive and understanding, while at the same time stating clear expectation and setting firm Intervention Program. Leo is also the co- founder of the Kanesatake Youth Council. They meet once a week to plan, implement Source: What parents need to know about teens. Facts, myths and strategies, by David A. Wolfe, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. First Nations Health and Social Services Resource Center Newsletter Resources
June is…
∼ Growing up resilients: Ways to build New Audio-Visuals
For more detailed information on awareness Intensive Teaching Environment: Getting Started (Autism) Sun Safety Tip:
We all like to work, play and relax outside on a sunny day. The warm rays of the sun feel For a detailed description, log on to our harmful, so be careful! The sun's burning rays are also called UV rays. UV stands for Health Days
April is
out of the sun. Also, people who get too much sun may have a harder time fighting May is…
disease. Be sure to use a minimum SPF 15 May 1-7 National Summer Safety Week May 4-10 National Mental Health Week May 10 International Day for physical activity May 12 Canada Health Day May 25 National Missing children’s Day May 31 World No tobacco day First Nations Health and Social Services Resource Center Newsletter Conferences
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This newsletter is intended to
September 3 & 4, 2009
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Study supports traditional diabetes therapy claim A clinical trial by researchers at The University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute has shown that an extract of fresh olive leaves appreciably reduces some risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. A paper published today in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE presents results of the randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, crossove

Mobbb priorities committee minutes - january 2012

THIS MEETING WAS QUORATE Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire, Berkshire East, Berkshire West & Buckinghamshire (MOBB) Priorities Committee Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 25 January 2012, Jubilee House, Oxford Business Park South, Oxford, OX4 2LH Present: Committee Members Head of Medicines Management, NHS Bucks Associate Medical Director, Bucks Hosp NHS Trust

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