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You will hear an interview about mosquitoes. For questions 1 to 5 tick one of the boxes A
to show the correct answer.
What does Chris say about mosquito nets? A They are useless unless impregnated with insecticide. B They are most effective when impregnated with insecticide. Which repellents work best against mosquitoes? C Those which are in the form of a cream. D They all work more or less equally well. B mosquitoes seem to prefer biting you further up the body. C they impregnate your ankles with Deet. What does Chris think about the heated tablets? A Their fumes can endanger people's health B Their vapour gets blown away overnight. D They only work in small draughty rooms. TAPESCRIPT
Chris, you appear to be doing a very dangerous thing - you're putting your hand in a cage of mosquitoes. Now, presumably these aren't the kind that carry dangerous diseases. Chris: Er, well it's a kind that can carry malaria, Anopheles Gambi frorn Africa, but these ones
haven't fed on anyone, anyone with malaria and therefore they're perfectly safe. But they're certainly excited by your and being in there. (Yes.) They're hovering around like vultures. Chris:Yes, these are female mosquitoes that are coming on me. They want blood in order to
produce eggs, and they're quite hungry, they haven't been fed for a few days. You'd better get your hand out now. You test dozens of different mosquito repellents here. Which do you find are the most effective? Chris:Well, I would strongly recommend the use of a mosquito net when you're in bed. And, er,
there's a lot of interest now in the use of nets like this which are impregnated with safe, modern insecticides, such as permethrin. In this room here, we can release mosquitoes and we sit under this net that you see hanging here, and er, sit there for, for half an hour generally. Fifty mosquitoes are released outside the net and we just see how many get in and how many bite. And if you don't treat the net with the chemical then probably about half of them get through in half an hour. If you're just going on two weeks'holiday to a place which is infested by mosquitoes, what's the best thing to do then? Chris:You can, of course, use, er, any of the common repellents that you can buy in any chemist's.
They mostly have something called Deet, or Diethyltolmalide in them. There are various brands and they can, you can either have them as a stick or a, a lotion or a cream, and all of them in our experience are pretty good, but you do have to put them on again every few hours because they do get rubbed off. These are anklets, they're bands of cotton that you put round your ankles, impregnated with that compound Deet, and because mosquitoes try and bite your ankles mainly when you're sitting on a chair. But don't the mosquitoes just move further up the body? Chris:Well, not in our experience. Our tests in Tanzania say that you get about eighty-five per cent
Very often when you're abroad, you're offered for sale little heating devices that heat up tablets. Are those any good? Chris:Yes, they're very good in our experience. We've done tests in this little room here and er,
within half a minute of er, releasing mosquitoes you, you hear them falling to the ground - only of course providing that there's not too much draught, otherwise the vapour will get blown away. The, the tablets that you put on the heater, er, last for about ten hours so they will last overnight, Are we in danger from some of the fumes that it obviously gives off? Chris: Er, well this compound, er, in it is called bioalletherin and it has been cleared by the Health
and Safety Executive as being safe for use in this way. So as far as we can tell, it is perfectly safe.

1 C (they want blood in order to produce eggs, and they're quite hungry, they haven't been fed for
a few days)
2 B (if you don't treat the net with the chemical then probably about half of them get through in half
an hour. - so by implication, if the net is treated, considerably fewer than half get through)
3 D (and all of them in our experience are pretty good)
4 C (our tests in Tanzania say that you get about 85% reduction in total biting)
5 D (within half a minute of releasing mosquitoes you hear them falling to the ground)
From Paths to Proficiency, p. 221 by Helen Naylor and Stuart Hagger, Longman.
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For further fifth-year listening activities you can consult in the library
Listening Advanced, by Jane Revell and Barry Breary, Oxford Supplementary Skills, Oxford.



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