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Many preparations are available which reduce acid refl ux and the In some people, stomach acid may come up into the throat or gullet (oesophagus). This may occur at any time of day or night but is most common after meals and when lying down.
Available ‘over the counter’ at your chemists are antacids to neutralise acid in the stomach, Gaviscon which helps protect the Some people do not experience any symptoms from such refl ux lining of the stomach and gullet, and Zantac which reduces acid of acid, while others may experience any of the following common production. There are many other medicines available and the symptoms, alone or in combination: a sensation of a lump in the Pharmacist will be able to advise you appropriately, allowing for any throat, excessive catarrh/mucus, constant throat clearing, recurrent coughing, sore throat, hoarse voice, heartburn and indigestion.
If you take antacids or Gaviscon these will be best taken 30 to 45 The following instructions are recommended to reduce production of acid, prevent acid coming up into the gullet and throat, and neutralise stomach acid. You should progressively adopt enough of Other medicines are available only with a prescription from your these recommendations to achieve relief from your symptoms. This Doctor and you may be prescribed these in the ENT clinic. It is process will take time as the irritated gullet and throat heals and you important to try to follow the advice in this leafl et, in addition to taking should allow at least four to six weeks of careful treatment before you The North Hampshire ENT Partnership
British Association of Otorhinolaryngologists
Obesity is a major factor in promoting refl ux of acid. If you are Smoking stimulates stomach acid production and refl ux, in addition overweight your symptoms will be helped if you can reduce your to directly irritating the throat, and therefore if you are a smoker you weight by careful dieting. You should avoid tight clothing across the stomach. Avoid slumping, bending or stooping as much as you can.
Acid refl ux occurs more often at night, while lying fl at, and causes irritation of the gullet and throat that continues to bother you during An easy way to reduce this, is to sleep on a bed which is raised Some medicines may increase acid production and /or reduce slightly at the head end. To do this, use wood, bricks or even the body’s natural defence against stomach acid. These include telephone directories under the legs of the bed to raise it by 4 to 10 Progesterone, Theophylline, anticholinergics, beta-blockers, Aspirin inches. Pillows are unlikely to help since they generally elevate the and ‘Aspirin-like’ non-steroidal anti-infl ammatory drugs (such as head only. Acid refl ux will occur less if you sleep on your right side or Do not stop taking any of your regular medications without discussing this fi rst with your doctor.
Avoid eating large meals. It is better to eat smaller more regular meals. Sit up straight during and for a period after eating. Take your evening meal at least two hours before going to bed and try not to eat anything else after this.
Certain foods may irritate the throat, gullet and stomach and stimulate acid production. These include caffeinated and de-caffeinated coffee, tea, fi zzy drinks, alcohol, citrus drinks and fruit, and spicy foods. You may be aware of other foods that cause the same symptoms; avoid these too.

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