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Hereditary diseases
M 8012 CLAD (Irish Setter)
M 8011 CSNB / night blindness (Briard)
M 8013 Cystinurie (Newfoundland, Landseer)
M 8023 Coat Colour brown (Labrador, Flatcoated Retriever)
M 8018 Coat Colour yellow (Labrador, Flatcoated Retriever)
M 8026 Coat Colour brown and yellow (Labrador, Flatcoated Retriever)
M 8016 Fucosidosis (English Springer Spaniel)
M 8007 Globoid Zell Leucodystrophy / Krabbe-disease (Westhighland White Terrier, Cairn Terrier)
M 8000 Copper Toxicosis (Bedlington Terrier)
M 8022 Myotonia congenita (Maniature Schnauzer)
M 8017 Phosphofructokinase deficiency (PFK deficiency) (English Springer Spaniel)
M 8002 Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) (breeds on request)
M 8015 Pyruvatkinase deficiency (PK deficiency) (Basenji, Westhighland White Terrier)
M 8014 von-Willebrand disease type I (Doberman, Poodle, Manchester Terrier, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, German Pinscher)
M 8014 von-Willebrand disease type II (Deutsch Drahthaar)
M 8014 von-Willebrand disease type III (Scotch Terrier, Sheltie)
M 8063 X-SCID (Basset, Welsh Corgi)
M 8032 MDR1 gene defect / ivermectin sensitivity (Collie, Sheltie, Austr. Sheperd, Longhaired Whippet, Silken Windhound)
M 8062 Malignant Hyperthermia (all breeds)
M 8067 Narcolepsy (Doberman)
M 8066 GM1-Gangliosidosis (Husky)
M 8068 Golden Retriever muscular dystrophy (GRMD) (Golden Retriever)
M 8069 Mucopolysaccharidosis type VII (MPS) (German Sheperd)
M 8073 Hereditary Myopathie of Labrador Retrievers (HMLR) (Labrador Retriever)
M 8075 Neuronal Ceroid Lepofuscinosis (NCL) (Border Collie)
M 8077 Coat Colour lemon (Dalmatian)
M 8079 Coat Colour lemon and brown (Dalmatian)
M 8013 Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) (Persian and Persian related breeds)
M 8002 Gangliosidosis GM 1 / GM 2 (Korat, Siamese)
M 8015 Pyruvatkinase deficiency (PK deficiency) (Abessinians, Somali)
M 8080 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) (Maine Coon)
M 8083 Coat Colour cinnamon
M 8084 Coat Colour chocolate
M 8090 Coat Colour variant agouti
M 8085 Coat Colour variant Siamese (Point)
M 8086 Coat Colour Burmese brown
M 8070 Coat Colour black (Agouti) (all breeds)
M 8016 Coat Colour chestnut (all breeds)
M 8071 Coat Colour cream dilution (all breeds)
M 8000 Hypercalaemic Period Paralysis (HYPP) (Quarter Horse, horses with QH blood)
M 8061 Lethal White Foal Syndrome (LWO) (Frame Overo)
M 8001 Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) (Arabian)
M 8072 Herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa (H-JEB) (French draft horse)
M 8001 Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion deficiency (BLAD) (Holstein cattle)
M 8062 MHS (all breeds)
Very important:
Optimal rehearsing material has a blood test. Please contact your veterinarian to this.

The rehearsing recipient should be allowed to be sent officially or to function as an official rehearsing recipient if the result
shall be court usuable.
In case of doubt connect your breeders association which is responsible for your animal, please.


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Gabriel Maislos, DPM, FACFAS BIOGRAPHICAL DATA: Date of Birth: June 24, 1974 Place of Birth: Detroit, MI HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION Kinkaid High School Houston, TX 1988-1992 UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION: Tufts University Medford, MA Bachelor of Science, Biology 1992-1996 MEDICAL EDUCATION: Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Chicago, IL Medicine

Melatonin abstracts

Melatonin Abstracts Melatonin maintains mitochondrial membrane potential and attenuates activation of initiator (casp-9) and effector caspases (casp-3/casp-7) and PARP in UVR-exposed HaCaT keratinocytes T. W. Fischer, M. A. Zmijewski,J. Wortsman and A. Slominski, J. Pineal Res. 2008; 44:397–407 ABSTRACT Melatonin is a recognized antioxidant with high potential as a protective age

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