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GBS Protocol
Jenny West – Registered midwife, Master herbalist

three cups water
one cup hydrogen peroxide (3%solution)
Douche or enema bag or meat baster
Fill bag with solution above. With the nozzle attached, shake the bag to mix, then get into the bathtub and recline with legs apart. Insert the nozzle into the vagina, gently, as far as it will go. (Remember that your vagina is Y-shaped with the cervix coming down between the arms of the Y.) Gently squeeze the bag as you move the nozzle GENTLY to each side of the Y and up and down the vagina – trying to reach each little crevice and fold. You should feel the fluid start flowing out. If not slide the vaginal nozzle out a little bit (and you may not have to pull it all the way out, just until some air can enter one of the little holes to release the flow) until you do feel the fluid flowing. Re-insert gently, "banging into things and probing" is unnecessary. Relax and 'visualize' anything your body does not need, flowing out with the solution. Remember to douche the labia outside as well. Be sure to rinse the bag well after use. Now take your shower. That’s all there is to it! Douche before bed five nights in a row- having the morning of the fifth day the day of your
'test' .
Garlic Protocol
Peel and score/nick one garlic clove and insert vaginally for five nights in a row. ( if the GBS
was discovered via a unrinalysis, I'd recommend doing this protocol for seven nights in a
row). The more scores or nicks the better, as it is the garlic 'juice' that does the work.
However, some women experience irritation with greater exposure to garlic 'juice'. So start
with fewer nicks or scoring and build up from there. Start this protocol five nights before the
test date for the GBS swab. The test will be negative and the vaginal vault will be clear of
GBS for the following 4-6 weeks, which would include the birth. Tie string onto the clove for
Some women who are really worried and do both, douche and then insert garlic--THAT
combo would REALLY get all GBS microbs for sure!
Additional Protection

Twice a day, with breakfast and dinner (choose 1 or 2 only from list below)
Acidophilus (“Inner Health Plus” or similar). The first time I heard a naturopath speak about
preventing this infection in babies, he stated that using high doses of probiotics- acidophilus,
bifidus, etc.- in the last weeks of pregnancy would prevent the problem.) It can also be
inserted vaginally for 3 nights.
Echinacea - 350 mg. capsules - two capsules (Note that some people may be allergic to
echinacea, so use Astragalus can be used instead. It has the same benefits, this is best used
in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy only.)
Garlic - 580 mg. capsules - two capsules daily.
Vitamin C - 500 mg. with 200 mg. bioflavonoids. This also strengthens the amniotic sac so
that rupture can be less likely.

Grapefruit Seed extract
- 15 drops in water, hold your nose and drink a bit more water
afterwards and then unplug your nose!


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