32nd nomination complete list

32nd Boston/New England Emmy® Nominations Newscast – Evening Larger Markets (1-49)
Newscast – Evening Smaller Markets (50-100+)
General Assignment Report
Spot News
Continuing Coverage Within 24 Hours
Continuing Coverage No Time Limit
Alisha McDevitt, Assistant News Director Investigative Report
Hank Phillippi Ryan, Investigative Reporter Kristen M. Setera, Investigative Producer Feature News Report Light Feature
Feature News Report Series Feature
Michelle M. Mortensen, Reporter/Producer News Specialty Report Arts/Entertainment
Lori Solinger, Producer/Writer/Reporter/Editor News Specialty Report Business/Consumer
Kristen M. Setera, Investigative Producer News Specialty Report Health/Science
News Specialty Report Political/Government
News Specialty Report Sports News
How Does a Red Sox Fan Get Lou Gehrig's Disease? John D. Holt, Talent Team Coverage
Arts/Entertainment Program
Community Auditions: Star of the Day Charles Armstrong, Producer WBZ/WSBK/Armstrong Interactive, Inc. Tim Estiloz, Host/Reporter/Producer CN8-TheComcast Network Roadside Stories "Old Volks Home" Mark W. Ciesinski, Editor/Producer NHPTV/P-PointProductions Children's Program
Education/Schools Program
Jessica Jennings, Producer/Writer/Photographer/Editor Penny Kadmon, MD Rhode Island PBS/VisionWink Productions Brian Katsis, Writer Borres Productions Snapshots: Inside Nantucket Public Schools Jenelle Ferri, Videographer/Editor Environmental Program
Keith Andrews, Producer/Videographer/Editor John Marshall, Producer/Writer/Director/Host Health/Science Program
James Whitsett, Executive Producer CPTV/Meridian Lights LLC Historical/Cultural Program Feature/Segment
Roger Woodruff, Producer/Videographer/Editor Lindos Suenos, Week 1 – Red Sox Report #28 Matthew Bair, Producer Reflections of the Fourth- Celebrating Bristol John Methia, Director Brian Egan, Producer/Principal Photographer Historical/Cultural Program Program/Special
Andrea Melville, Producer ORCA Media/Barking Spider Productions Basic Black, Election 2008: The New Black Politics Red Sox Report – #26 - Cape Cod League Societal Concerns Program
Walter G. Buteau, Reporter/Writer/Co-producer Chronicle: Homecoming-The Hidden Wounds of War Kathy Bickimer, Producer Sports Series
Brian Barrow, Lead Producer NESN/Major League Baseball Kevin Miller, Coordinating Producer Comcast Sports Net Kevin Miller, Coordinating Producer Comcast Sports Net Red Sox Report – Show #28 - All-Star Game Recap John Robert Carter, Producer NESN/The Boston Red Sox Ges Selmont, Creator/Co-Executive Producer NESN/Scout Productions Sporting Event/Game-Live/Unedited
Sports One-Time Special
Christian Ackerknecht, Producer/Director Cox Sports Television Timothy Egan, Executive Producer CN8/Moody Street Pictures Charlie Moore, Host/Producer NESN/Extreme Entertainment Aston's Army: A Swim Team's Legacy Christina DeFranco, Producer/Writer/Host CPTV/Danolas Productions Manny Being Manny, The Final Days In Boston Kevin Miller, Coordinating Producer Comcast Sports Net Sports Feature/Segment
Blame it on the Rain -- Red Sox Report Show #25 Chris Crane Feature -- BC Football Weekly Show #6 Keith Macri, Producer Documentary Program
Jim Karpeichik, Producer/Photographer/Editor WJAR/Ocean State Video Larry Rifkin, Executive Producer Carol Edwards, Executive Producer/Co-Producer/Writer On Watch: Connecticut’s Emergency Service Volunteers Frank Borres, Director CPTV/Borres Productions Liz Walker, Executive Producer WSBK/Liz Walker Journey Productions Informational/Instructional Program
Grove Street Cemetery: City of the Dead, Christina Mattingly, Producer CN8 The Comcast Network Interview/Discussion Program
Basic Black: 2008 Postelection Roundtable Magazine Program Feature/Segment
Tim Estiloz, Reporter/Producer CN8 The Comcast Network Tim Estiloz, Reporter/Producer CN8 The Comcast Network Chronicle: Fighting Back- The Story of Mike Nelson Kathy Bickimer, Producer Magazine Program Program/Special
Eran Lobel, Executive Producer WCVB/Element Productions Roadside Stories "Pumpkin Chuckin" Mark W. Ciesinski, Editor/Producer NHPTV/P-Point Productions Jason Hawkins, Host/Writer/Producer CPTV/DsignDigital LLP David Kinney, Executive Producer/Videographer Winfried Quast, Executive Producer/Editor Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports)
Extreme Home Makeover: NH Builds a Dream Donna J. Smith, Producer The 1st Annual Nantucket Comedy Festival Jenelle Ferri, Videographer, Editor Community/Public Service (PSAs) Single Spot
Alan Chebot, Director Various Stations/Parallax Productions, Inc. Community/Public Service (PSAs) Campaign
George T. Marshall, Executive Producer WJAR/Rhode Island International Film Festival Alan Chebot, Director/Executive Producer Promotion News Promo-Single Spot- Same Day
Jonathan Case, Interactive Media Manager Jessica Stowell, News Promotions Manager Jessica Stowell, News Promotions Manager Promotion News Promo-Single Spot
Jonathan Case, Interactive Media Manager Bill Mushrush, Director of Creative Services Promotion News Promo-Campaign
Promotion Program-Single Spot
Thomas Csizmadia, Graphic Designer/Animator Raymond Lepre, Executive Producer Cox Sports Television Promotion Program-Campaign
Comcast SportsNet, The Network of Champion Steve Ratner, Executive Producer Commercial
Paul Canney, Director Various Stations/Element Productions Paul Canney, Director Various Stations/Element Productions Charles Alan Whitcher Director Various Stations Olympia Sports-"Father & Son" Jimmy Dunn, Writer/Actor NESN/Digital Video & Consulting, Inc. William Mueller, Lead Audio Technician CN8 The Comcast Network Director Live or Live to Tape
Director Post Production
Karyl Evans, Director CPTV/Karyl Evans Productions, LLC Bonnie Dickinson/ A.J. Gundell/ John Ruane Bonnie Dickinson, Director Editor Program
Jim Karpeichik , Producer/Photographer/Editor Matthew Gilbert, Editor Fox 23/Cleancut Productions Editor News-Within 24 Hours
Editor News-No Time Limit
Editor Short Form (Promos/PSA/Commercials)
Graphic Arts Program
T.J. Powers, Graphic Designer/Editor Comcast Sports Net Peter Gould, Graphics Editor WBZ/WSBK/Armstrong Interactive, Inc. Graphic Arts News
Graphic Arts Short Form
T.J.Powers, Graphic Designer/Editor Comcast Sports Net Graphic Arts Set Design
Musical Composition/Arrangement
News Producer
On-Camera Talent Anchor-News
On-Camera Talent Commentator/Editorialist
On-Camera Talent Program-Host/Moderator
Lynn Doyle, Host/Moderator CN8 The Comcast Network On-Camera Talent Reporter-Features/Human Interest
On-Camera Talent Reporter-Investigative
Hank Phillippi Ryan, Investigative Reporter On Camera Talent Reporter-General Assignment
On Camera Talent Reporter-Sports
On Camera Talent Anchor-Weather
Mark Dixon, Weather Anchor/Meteorologist Jeremy Reiner, On Air Talent-Meteorologist Photographer-Program
Jessica Jennings, Director of Photography CPTV/VisionWink Productions Photographer News-Within 24 Hours
Photographer News-No Time Limit
Chris Gobeille, Photojournalist/AVID Editor Photographer Short Form (Promos/PSAs Commercials)
Peter Shapiro, Photographer Various Stations/Element Productions Writer Program
Gary Theroux, Writer WBZ/WSBK/Armstrong Interactive, Inc. Writer News
Writer Short Form (Promos/PSAs/Commercials)
Advanced Media Arts/Entertainment
Community Auditions: Star of the Day Kenn Boostrum, Designer WBZ/WSBK/Armstrong Interactive, Inc. Best of Boston Magazine "Summer Getaways" EranLobel, Executive Producer Best of Boston Magazine "Rafanelli" Eran Lobel, Executive Producer Various Stations/Element Productions BOSTON.TV "Dude That's Awesome" Eran Lobel, Executive Producer Various Stations/Element Productions Boston Globe - Advanced Media Arts and Entertainment Programs Scott LaPierre, Writer/Producer/Videographer Advanced Media Interactivity
Lisa Russell, Producer WGBH/National Black Programming Consortium Timothy Allard, Flash Developer/Designer Jonathan Case, Interactive Media Manager Advanced Media Sports
Eran Lobel, Executive Producer BOSTON.TV/Element Productions The Boston Globe Advanced Media-Sports Programs Dina Rudick, Producer/Videographer The Boston Globe Advanced Media Animator/Motion Graphic Design
Jul3ia Astatkie, Director/Producer Cape Cod Community Media Center Advanced Media Writer/Producer
Eran Lobel, Executive Producer Various Stations/Element Productions TimothyEgan,Writer/Producer MoodyStreetPictures/TechnologyReview.com Bill Greene, Writer/Producer/Principal Videographer D.C. Denison, Secondary Writer/Producer/Videographer The Boston Globe Ann Silvio, Writer/Producer/Videographer James Thistle Student Production Award (Plaque Given)

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