PGY IV Residents Graduation Papers 2000-2010
Ayodele Adeigbola: Cyclic Psychosis Associated with Menstruation: A Case Report
Bezalel Dantz: Osteoporosis and Depression
Tracey Irvin: Legal, Ethical and Clinical Implications of Prescribing Involuntary, Life-
Threatening Treatment: The Case of the Sunshine Kid
Pamela Kenworthy: PTSD and Functional Neuroimaging
Francis Lee: The Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Nerve Growth Factor Receptor
Nancy Needell: Sexual Preoccupation in Hasidic Jewish Patients
Richard Oddy: The Relationship between Compulsive Sexual Behavior, Promiscuity,
Psychopathology and Individual Psychodynamic Factors in Homosexual Men
Lori Simon: Dissociative Disorders in a General Clinic Population
Cynthia Vitko: Partial Parity: Is it Progress for Mental Health?
Andrew Bennett: Effect of Atypical Neuroleptics on Appetite
Lisa Berman: The Role of Ultra-low Dose Naltrexone in Opiate Detoxification
Pamela Buchbinder: Bringing up Baby: Sis vs. Trans: Theories of Transgender
Daria Colombo: Psychoanalysis and the Catholic Church: The Role of Father Gemelli in
Shaping Italy’s Response to Freud’s Work, 1925 ! 1953
David Fedoronko: A Novel Approach to Opioid Detoxification
Jill Jacobson: Topiramate for Clozapine - Induced Weight Gain: A Pilot Study.
Jason Kim: Computational Modeling of Psychopathology and Synaptic Plasticity
Lorraine Marshall: Family Therapy
Rebecca Smith Trials and Tabulations: A Critique of Clinical Trials Research

Rebecca Adams: Boundary Violations in Psychotherapy: Ethical, Clinical and Risk
Management Perspectives
Gary Brendel: Affect Regulation in Borderline Personality Disorder
Greg Dillon: Illness in the Training Psychiatrist
Chris Kauffman: Outcome and Cost-Analysis of Commonly Utilized Diagnostic Tests in
Jeffrey Schulden: Psychiatric Illness in Survivors of Torture
Khakasa Wapenyi: Herbal Remedies, HIV Disease and Psychiatry
Osman Ali The role of the Imam in meeting the counseling needs of Muslim
communities in the United States.
Jennifer Cooper: Clinical Correlates of Migraine in Bipolar Patients.
Beth Judge: Subliminal priming and the Unconscious
Doonam Kim: Who Kills whom and Why? A Study on homicide in Brooklyn from 1991-
Charles Lilly: Psychotropic medication in homicide victims
Laurie Malkoff: An examination of adrenal enzyme activity in Obsessive Compulsive
Rory Marraccini: A meta analysis of 3 Korean adoptees: A review of adoption theory
Sandra Park: Psychoanalysis in Introductory Psychology Textbooks
A.Valentine Raiteri: Hypoactive Delirium: Delirium in patients seen by the consult-
liaison service for depression
Samantha Boardman : The lunatic asylum of Blackwell’s Island
Anna Chapman : Correlation between therapist adherence and outcome in
psychodynamic treatment of panic disorders

Adam Estevez A fresh look at the pharm: PGY 2 psychopharmacology emendations
Peter Freed : Towards an integrated neurobiological-psychological model of crying
Tammy Gotlieb : The Influence of the Menstrual Cycle on Lithium and Sertraline Blood
Todd Loftus The Common Metabolic Syndromes of Atypical Anti-psychotics and
Antiretroviral Therapy of HIV
Alison Lomonaco : Correlation between therapist adherence and outcome in
psychodynamic treatment of panic disorders
Oren Messeri: Shared Psychotic Disorder: Review of the concept, case presentation, and
proposal for DSM IV
Nicole Regent : The Influence of the Menstrual Cycle on Lithium and Sertraline Blood
Julia Samton: The clock drawing test: Diagnostic, functional and neuroimaging correlates
in older medically ill adults
Christine Truman: Self-reported treatment emergent affective switch associated with
antidepressant use in the STEP 500
Justine Donovan: Personality Disorders, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Medication
David Galarneau: Antidepressant treatment patterns in a methadone maintenance clinic
targeting young adults
Andrew Gerber: Assessing the Quality of Randomized Controlled Trials of
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Nikki Gordon-Skovby: New recommendations for monitoring with atypical
Erika Marshall: Personality disorders, dialectical behavioral therapy, and medication
Joseph Matta: Posterior cortical atrophy presenting as anxiety and depression
Lori Specher-Sidman: How much are we worth? Fee setting dynamics in the PGY IV
Natasha H. Chriss: Nonverbal communication of affect in music and psychoanalysis
Christina C .Dziedzic: Predictors of improvement for patients with schizophrenia in a
social learning program
Diana Feldman: Preliminary evidence of delusions of theft in non-demented subjects with
psychotic depression
Kendall L. Genre: The impact of serotonin reuptake inhibitors on sex hormone blood
Mark J.Petrini: Freud and the Classics
Neala Rafizadeh: Creativity and mental illness: Their relationship and implications for
psychiatric treatment
Karen B. Rosenbaum: Personality and attrition in a randomized controlled clinical trial of
the treatments of bulimia nervosa in primary care
Charles P. Stowell: Characteristics of medically ill patients with impaired decision-
making capacity
Christina A. Treece: Characteristics of medical inpatients with somatoform disorders: a
Diagnostic and historical critique
April J. Zhu: The Little Emperor: China’s Only Child Policy

Amir Afkhami: Psychiatry and terror: The treatment of Muslim patients in post 9-11 New
Ariela Berman: The dynamics of an interracial treatment: A case report
Corey Carr: A literature review of mindfulness based stress reduction therapy
Jessica Daniels: Catatonia
Alexander Feller: Treating the Latino patient in a psychiatric clinic
Paige Friedlander: Defining ‘therapeutic:’ Abortion politics, professional groups, and the
role of mental health
Anuj Gupta: Violence in a forensic population of intimate partner stalkers
Steven Levine: Comprehensive care of the mentally ill: Building a model for group
private practice
Feyza Marouf: Dance therapy for psychiatric inpatients
Prapti Mehta: Neurobiological translations of early life stress: Implications for future
Mallay Occhiogrosso: Perspectives on overeating in the American Journal of Psychiatry,
1844 to the present
James Wolak: Are we killing people? Atypical antipsychotic use and death in elderly
Dina Abell: Institutional transference in the long-term Patient
Pradeep Atluri: Prospects for Remote Monitoring of Mental Illness
Ziv Cohen: Suicide Bombers: Psychiatric Implications
Marc Dubin: Anatomical connections between brain areas: Developmental insights into
reading and cognition
Zachary Freyberg: What’s in a sentence? Narrative content and psychiatric diagnosis
Ronit Kedem: PMS, PMDD, PME and the effect of the menstrual cycle on lithium and
Sertraline blood levels
Sonali Sharma: Community healing and reconciliation
Jessica Zonana: The American Psychiatric Association and gay marriage: The ethics of
social activism in P\psychiatry
Kwame Akowuah: Caring for patients in the emergency setting: An analysis of physician
David Brda: The pharmacologist’s apprentice: An educational computer game/simulation
of the pharmacologic treatment of mania
Lina Fine: Insomnia: A risk for future psychiatric illness
Laurie Kane: Hormonal Contraception and Mood

Julie Penzner: Lack of Effect of stimulant combination with second-generation
antipsychotics on weight gain, metabolic changes, prolactin levels, and sedation in youth
with aggressive spectrum disorders
Lorin Scher: The pharmacologist’s apprentice: An educational computer game/simulation
of the pharmacologic treatment of mania
Michael Walton: MRI signal hyper-intensities and treatment response of geriatric
Joseph Cousin: A Human Look at Therapy Animals
Janna Gordon-Elliott: Teaching Psychiatry to Non-Psychiatrists: A Review of the
Literature and a Proposed Curricular Model
Jennifer Halper: Facebook and the Role of Social Media in Psychiatric Illness
Sargam (Mona) Jain: Psychiatric Perspectives on Healthcare in Tanzania
Aruna Khilinani: Tales from the South Side: An Examination of Racial Politics, History,
Fantasy, and Myth
Andrew Kopelman: Psychiatric Perspectives on Healthcare in Tanzania
Sarah Goldman Meyer: Teaching Psychiatry to Non-Psychiatrists: A Review of the
Literature and a Proposed Curricular Model
Malika Seth: Measuring Stigma and Attitudes toward Mental Health: A Survey in
Hyderabad, India.


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