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Q. What is MRSA?
fluid from the wound are sent to the laboratory to A. MRSA is an acronym for Methacillin Resistant
see if the MRSA bacteria are present in the fluid. Staphylococcus Aureus. This is a staphylococcus infection caused by a bacteria that is resistant to Q. How is MRSA treated?
A. If a wound is suspected to be MRSA, treatment
should begin immediately. This is to prevent Q. How is MRSA spread?
spread and treat this very serious infection. The A. MRSA can be spread from skin to skin contact,
wound is often opened, drained, and some fluid inanimate objects, poor hygiene, compromised from the wound is sent for culture. Often, before skin such as those with open acne sores, and the culture results are obtained, treatment is begun so as not to let the infection advance as culture results are awaited. MRSA is resistant to Q. Are athletes at risk from contracting MRSA?
many forms of antibiotics: however, some very A. MRSA was mainly confined to the hospital
common antibiotics such as Bactrim, Tetracycline, setting, but now, unfortunately, it can be found and Clindamycin may treat the infection. More in the community. There are also documented severe infections are treated with IV antibiotics.
transmission of MRSA seen in sports such as football or wrestling. In fact, there were several Q. I have heard about people having carrier in-
cases of MRSA discovered in South Jersey high fections. What are these type of infections?
A. These are individuals who have MRSA colonized
somewhere on their body. It is often found in the Q. What does MRSA look like?
nasal passages. People who have this colonization A. It is often difficult to tell MRSA from any common
are screened by taking a swab of the nose and skin infection. Most often people think it looks like having it sent to a laboratory for analysis. Those a spider bite. In general, MRSA often looks like with MRSA in the swab, are given topical a pustule, or big pimple, when it is present on a Bactroban to try to treat the infection at the patient. This is when it is most distinct. However, that is not always the case. Often the skin is red, swollen and painful to touch and one may not see Q. When can someone who has had a MRSA
any pus. Other symptoms may accompany the infection return to play?
infection such as fever and warmth at the site A. A person can return to play following a MRSA
infection when cleared by their physician. This often occurs after treatment of the infection with Q. If it is difficult to tell if an infection is caused
antibiotics and the infection is adequately by MRSA, how do I know if my child may
controlled. The lesions must be dry and healing before this can be considered. The wound should A. A wound culture is the best way to determine if an
be covered to prevent reinfection with MRSA or individual has a MRSA infection. Small amounts of Cooper Bone & Joint Institute
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