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NAME OF THE CARD-1: General Pharmacology
Topic: General & Autonomic System
Various Terms: Pharmacology and its Branches Drug and its sources. Nomenclature (Generic- Imperical) Dosage formulation of Drug; Routes of Drug Redistribution, Biotransformation and Excretion of Drug Pharmacodynamics; Adverse Drug Reaction; Drug interaction; Contraindication of Drug Autonomic Nervous System-Introduction: Organization, Distribution & Function; Cholinergic Agonists: Direct & indirectly acting. Cholinergic Antagonist: Antimascarinics & 08 Adrenergic Agonist & Adrenergic Antagonist ‘P’ Drugs, Rational use of Drug, Drug resistance 10 Use of Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation Signature of the Students
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Name of the Card-2: General Pharmacology
Drugs on CVS, Kidney, GIT & Haematinics
Classification of Anti hypertensive Drugs M/A of different classes and side-effect Life style issue in HTN. Diuretics, Haemostatic Agents: Lipid Lowering Drugs : Role of Diet, exercise and weight reduction Drugs used in ischaemic Heart Disease; Anti- platelet Drugs; Anticoagulants; Fibrinolytics Drugs use Heart Failure; Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs Drugs Acting on GIT: Drugs used in Peptic Diarrheal,Antispasmodic; Laxative. Haematinics : Iron preparation, Folic acid, Vit- B12 Vit-K, Vit-C; Minerals (Macro and Micro

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Name of the Card -3: General Pharmacology
Antibiotics & Chemotherapeutics
Introduction of Antimicrobial Agents: Principles of using antibiotics (mind me) Classification; chemotherapy; chemo-Prophylaxis; Antibiotic Resistance; Drug resistances and its causes. Sulphonamides & Trimethoprime: Cotrimxazole Quinolones & Fluoroquinolones. Anti-Tubercular Drugs & Anti-Leprotic Drugs. Drugs used in STI. Antiprotozoal Drugs: Anti-amoebic, Anti- Malarials. Anti-Fungal Drugs; Anti-Helmintic Drugs, Anti- Signature of the Students
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Name of the Card-4: General Pharmacology.
CNS, Respiratory; Endocrine; Autacoids
Sedatives & Hypnotics,Classification of Barbiturate and Benzodiazepine Indication and contra- indications. Anti-Psychotics ; Anti-Depressants; Anti- convulsants; Anti- Parkinsonials; Skeletal Muscle Relaxants. General Anaesthetics & Preanaesthetic Medications ,Local anaestatics,mechanism of actions and side effects. Opioid Analgesics M/A action of morphine Indication and adverse effect. Autacoids : Anti-Histaminics; Drugs on Prostaglandin; Serotonin; and Leukotrien function. NSAIDs Classification Indicaton and Contraindications. Endocrime system, Glucocorticoid and Mincrelo corticoid,M/A uses and side-effects. Anti-Diabetic drugs,side effects,ketoacidosis and its management. Drug used in Bronchial Asthma,M/A of salbutamol Signature of the Students
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David Leslie Fogelson Clinical Professor, University of California at Los Angeles Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences Education: University of California at Santa Cruz, honors in Biology Postdoctoral Training: Internship and Residencies: Intern in Medicine, The Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA Resident in Psychiatry, Tufts University, Court Street Vete


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