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PURIFYING COMFORT MASQUE Keep skin cool, calm & hydrated For Red, Dehydrated, Uncomfortable Skin

Purify skin’s surface, dissolve dead cells, cool heat and redness and encourage skin to repair itself with this intensely hydrating, pore-purifying gelle masque. Ultra-soothing Lichochalcone from Chinese Licorice interrupts the biochemical cascade that leads to redness and other discomfort. This yellow molecule also decreases lipase, an anti-lipid enzyme produced by bacteria on skin’s surface and in pores. Researchers have linked lipase to the heightened inflammation often seen in moderate and severe acne-prone skin. Working with Lichochalcone is a compound of the fragrant wild flower, Meadowsweet (Spirea ulmaria). This dermatologist-tested compound has been found to strengthen an element of the skin’s natural defense system: cathelicidins. These natural antibiotics preserve skin’s ecosystem, helping to maintain the balance of healthy flora on skin’s surface and in pores. A reduction in oil production and other imperfections is also seen. Hyaluronic Acid, chirally-active, deeply moisturizing Panthenol, and Trehalose – an antioxidant relied upon by ressurection plants to rehydrate seeds after years of dormancy – infuse cracked, dehydrated skin with moisture, while a patented, purifying blend of the most active fractions of New Zealand and Australian Tea Tree oils works quickly to balance hostile flora deep within pores without causing irritation or redness. This self-preserved formula is recommended for those using Accutane®, benzoyl peroxide and other medications that can leave skin extremely dehydrated, cracked, flakey, red and irritated. Does not contain retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, parabens or other preservatives.
Australian and New Zealand Tea Tree oil blend. ACTIONS Purifies pores in minutes
Calms and eases visible redness instantly
Cooling gel freshens skin and revives comfort in seconds
Amplifies hydration while encouraging skin to repair itself
Lichochalcone: powerful skin calming molecule from Chinese licorice. Targets the multiple causes of
INGREDIENTS imperfections to deliver fast-acting results.
Spirea ulmaria: dermatologist-tested extract of meadowsweet, an herb rich in skin calming and pore
purifying phenolic acid and a natural skin-defense booster.
4-terpeniol & New Zealand Tea Tree: patented blend of the most active fractions of New Zealand
and Australian Tea Tree oils works quickly to balance pore ecology without causing irritation or redness.
Panthenol (provitamin B5): calms and encourages repair of skin’s surface. Delivers deep hydration.
Sodium hyaluronate:
bioactive moisturizer. Binds up to 1000 times its weight in water to skin.
Betaine salicylate: natural skin conditioner from sugar beets complexed with keratolytic BHA.
provides time-released exfoliating action long after masque is removed.
Trehalose: antioxidant cell rehydrator. Found in ‘resurrection’ plants that bloom after years of dormant
Allantoin: powerful soothing molecule originally derived from comfrey root.

This Product Profile is intended only for professional use and is not to be published to retail consumers.
DIRECTIONS Home Care: Smooth liberally over clean, dry skin. Leave on 5-20 minutes. Masque will not dry
Rinse well with cool water. Use as needed to improve skin hydration and comfort, reduce visible redness and clear the complexion. Professional Use: Apply masque liberally following extraction or steaming. Leave on at least 5 minutes,
up to 20 minutes (masque will not dry). Using cool water, thoroughly wipe off masque with moist, not
wet, sponges or other preferred method of removal. Optional: After 5 minutes, gently massage if
condition allows, or use a massage modality suitable for the skin condition.

Note: Adding water to this masque during the removal process will make the gel very difficult to remove.
Be sure to completely squeeze water from sponges before applying sponge to skin.
EXTRA STRENGTH EXFOLIATING & PURIFYING MASQUE: With masque brush, blend 1 rounded tsp.
Purifying Comfort Masque with 1 pump Rescue Gel and ½ tsp. Pore-Purifying Astringent. With brush,
apply to clean skin. Remove after 10 minutes.

Comfort Masque
, 1 pump each Instant Calm Ultra Complex and R-Relief. Apply to affected areas.
Remove with cool water after 10-20 minutes.

ULTRA-HYRATING & SOOTHING & EXFOLIATING MASQUE: Using a soft fan masque brush, blend
equal parts Moisture Boost HydraGel, Instant Calm Ultra Complex, Purifying Comfort Masque and
Pumpkin & White Tea Activator. Apply to affected areas. Remove with cool water after 10-20 minutes.

equal parts Purifying Comfort Masque with 1 part Pumpkin & White Tea Activator and 1 part Instant
Calm Ultra Complex
. Using soft fan brush, apply thin layer of mixture to treated areas. Do not expose
skin to steam before or during exfoliation process. Leave on skin 2-4 minutes, monitoring client for
redness, tingling, itching or other signs of adverse reaction. Remove with soft, moist sponges and cool
water. Mist with Soothing Mist before continuing facial procedure.
Comfort Masque
, 1 part Activating Liposome Complex and 1 part Instant Calm Ultra Gel. Apply to
affected areas. Remove with cool water after 10-20 minutes.

OIL-FREE PURIFYING & HYDRATING MASQUE: Using a stiff fan masque brush, blend 3 parts each
Zinc & Sulphur Masque and Purifying Comfort Masque in a small blending cup. Add 1 part Moisture
Boost HydraGel
and 1 part Visibly Moist Toner. For extra purifying, add 1-2 drops Detox & Purity Pure
Essential Blend
. Mixture will become light, like a frappe. Apply with brush to clean skin. Remove after 10

Water (base), pentylene glycol (emollient), betaine salicylate (exfoliating BHA), panthenol (hydrating),
aminomethyl propanol (pH adjuster), carbomer (gelling agent), trehalose (hydrating), spiraea ulmaria extract (pore
purifying), 4-terpineol (pore purifying), leptospermum scoparium oil (pore purifying essential oil), licorice
(glycyrrhiza inflata)
root extract (soothing), sodium hyaluronate (hydrating), allantoin (soothing),
ethylhexylglycerin (skin conditioner), isoceteth-20 (solubilizer), butylene glycol (hydrating).
This Product Profile is intended only for professional use and is not to be published to retail consumers.



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