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Curtain Call --- 2nd Iteration

(BBC cardboard sound effects paper mache and drum roll please,
maestro Wallace….)

Peter Pudding or Milligan Stew?

Cast: Tony Fauci as daf9/dale/nick
Michael D. Harold as himself
Thomas Brandeis as jonny
Last but not least, and all too briefly, Eccles as himself
Michael D. Harold:
Look what that lunatic Bialy has done NOW
daf9 (www):
Shreveport eh? A lot of cousins marrying cousins there?
(link) jonny (mail): I earlier accused Dale of having it both ways, but after reading his last attempt at humor (see above), I'm convinced he can't deliver. Catcher, it is, then. On a serious note, although I'm not aware of any studies addressing the matter, it's common wisdom in the gay community that topping carries far fewer risks than bottoming. And I would suspect that whatever data exist are fundamentally flawed, because many gay men are in denial over their catcher status--and label themselves "tops" despite their predilection for throwing both legs in the air. I read not too long ago that scientists are now finding higher levels of HIV in fecal matter (I'm not sure if this is due to blood in the fecal matter or not), suggesting that tops face a higher risk than they formerly realized, but the article, like most on HIV/AIDS, appeared highly speculative. This is what I've heard: correct me if I'm wrong. A bottom has a 1 in 50 shot of contracting HIV if he has unprotected sex with a positive top. A top, on the other hand, has a 1 in 500 shot of contracting HIV from a poz bottom--assuming, again, that the sex is unprotected. I'm no scientist, to be sure; but these numbers hardly suggest the infectivity needed for an epidemic. The exception, of course, being circuit parties and the like, where gay men might engage in double-digit acts of unprotected sex in a single night. In such a scenario, one can see how HIV might get around. But such a scenario reveals nothing about so-called "heterosexual AIDS"--neither in the U.S. nor in Africa. It would explain, though, why HIV--and a range of other infections--remains largely confined to the urban, gay population--New York, San Fran, Miami, and so on. Interestingly, these are also the places where the gay Crystal Meth epidemic is centered. But I won't rehash the question--superbug, anyone?--of whether gay men are dying because of their boyfriend Chris or their girlfriend Crystal. (link) daf9 (www): Hi jonny Welcome back! I thought you'd left. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy my comment to Michael but in all fairness, some of us don't have Harvey's vast store of wit and so we can't afford to squander what little we possess. Dale (link) Michael D. Harold: jonny, Thank you. Those are exactly the ratios in the Padian paper. (link) daf9 (www): Since Harvey may still be recording this exchange for posterity, I thought perhaps I should exert myself just a tad. I've never wanted to publish anything on HIV but I've always wanted to be a poet. So my addition to this current topic is as follows. all pitchers, please copy your 'peter' is sloppy makes you mordantly witty but - and here's the great pity the thing is damn near useless when floppy. Dale (link)
Eccles the Idiot (www):
(re-enters to HUGE canned audience applause
Ahhh Alo again, It's me Eccles
anybody who wants to see bialy giving the zen finger (relativistically
time-warped too) to daf9/dale/nick bennett the wannabe 'poet' can
go here (
O, one thing more before I rejoin Peter (Sellers) and Harry
(link) jonny (mail): Dale-- Well done with the alliteration. But that final line has a few too many feet, and by drawing attention to its unseemly horizontality, distracts us from the vertical poem of which, I presume, it is intended to be the stunning finale. I'm intrigued, though, by this poem's figuration of HIV critics as renegade tops--and, by extension, of its orthodox defenders as receptive bottoms--when, to my eye, the defenders in this thread have been as hard-headed as a construction worker on viagra. If our peter is sloppy and sometimes floppy, perhaps it's because he avoids those poppers and uppers that allow catchers like you to last all night long (you'll note that I needed a break earlier). Whatever your shortcomings, Dale, none of us can deny your stamina. Btw, if Peter is in fact so sloppy and floppy, why are his aneuploidy ideas enjoying a resurgence--a recrudescence, even--in the scientific community? Dissident Cialis, perhaps? Denialist Levitra?


Core curriculum of multiple sclerosis

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF NEUROLOGY MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS FELLOWSHIP CORE CURRICULUM MS Section Education Working Group Introduction Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common demyelinating disease of the CNS and the second most common cause of disability among young adults. The complex and interdisciplinary management issues of the MS patient demand the participation of health care


H4 ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY H4.1 Machinery for Electronic Components In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section(1) of section01.03.2002 25 of the Customs Act,1962 (52 of 1962), the Central Government,being satisfied that it is necessary in the public interest so to do, hereby exempts the goods specified in column(2) of the Table below, and falling under Chapters 69, 82,84,85 or 90 of t

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