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Health Care Marketing
Course Calendar ~ Fall 2009
Revised: November 5, 2009 – Changes in Bold Red
1. This calendar is subject to change for two reasons:

a. Given the volatile health care industry, we need to stay on top of what’s happening in
real time in the marketplace, so we may adjust a bit as certain events occur; and
b. Guest speakers play a key role in the course and sometimes their schedules change at
the last minute.
2. Any calendar changes and PowerPoint lecture slides will be retrievable on bSpace. All reader
cases and articles are on, unless otherwise noted.
Suggested Reading: Chapter 2 of Kotler text
ƒ Course preview and organization
ƒ Marketing overview
Required Reading: Chapters 3 and 5 of Kotler
ƒ The state of the healthcare market
text and Porter & Teisberg, “Redefining ƒ HC competitive analysis
Competition in Health Care,” HBR, June 2004. ƒ The role of marketing in today’s
health care industries
Required Reading: Chapter 4 of Kotler. In
addition, begin reading the Prozac case in preparation for our Sept. 21 discussion. PART 2: STRATEGIC PLANNING
Required Reading: Chapter 6 of Kotler and
“Managing the Total Customer Experience” ƒ Who are our customers and best
ƒ How and why do they make their
Assignment: Please form your 2-person
health care choices?
(Exercise) and 4-person (Marketing Plan) ƒ How do we manage their total
teams, appoint team reps and submit online by customer experience?
Health Care Product/Service
Required Reading: Chapter 9 of Kotler and
Mon ƒ Developing health care
ƒ Analyzing their effectiveness
Due: Team rosters and reps
ƒ Discussion of issues in Mid-
submitted online
course Case Analysis
The Health Care Brand
Required Reading: Chapter 8 of Kotler and
ƒ Brand platform strategies
Keller, “The Brand Report Card” article. Mon ƒ Strategic triangulation
ƒ Positioning the HC brand
ƒ Brand persona and storytelling
Guest Speaker: Doug Biehn, Assignment: Thoroughly research guest
VP- Corporate Marketing, Blue
speaker’s business and be prepared to ask Shield of California
ƒ The Blue Shield marketing
Terms & Concepts Take Home Quiz
ƒ What we can learn from Blue
Shield’s strategies and tactics
Health Care Value Propositions and
Required Reading: Case: Berry and Seltman,
“Building a Strong Services Brand: Lessons ƒ Determining compelling value
from the Mayo Clinic,” Business Horizons, May propositions
ƒ Pricing strategies and
Due: Terms & Concepts Take Home
ƒ Case discussion
Mid-course evaluations
Course Final Marketing Plan Exercise

Health Care Channels & Suppliers
ƒ Discuss key issues in final
Marketing Plan assignment with
Required Reading: Chapter 12 of Kotler
representative from Blue Shield
ƒ Discuss Prozac case questions
ƒ Sales and distribution issues and
4-person Marketing Plan Teams
ƒ Health Care Suppliers
o Who they are and what they do
o How they market
Guest Speaker: Cynthia Chiarappa,
Assignment: Thoroughly research guest
Sr. Director of Communications and
speaker’s business and be prepared to ask Marketing, California Pacific Medical
Center, San Francisco.
ƒ Marketing a major hospital(s) to
key constituencies
ƒ What we can learn from CPMC
strategies and tactics
Guest Speaker: Lisa Hammann,
Assignment: Thoroughly research guest
Director, Managed Care Marketing
speaker’s business and be prepared to ask Genentech, Inc.
ƒ Marketing a family of products
from a major pharmaceuticals
Due on November 6: 2-person Team
ƒ What we can learn from
Case Analysis
Genentech’s strategies & tactics
Required Reading: Chapter 13 of Kotler, plus
ƒ Health Care marketing tactics
ƒ Guidelines and cautionary tales
“Hatching a New Identity,” MHS, Spring 2009 ƒ Best practices in different sectors
Metrics, Measurements, & Organizing
Teleconference Q&A with Blue
Required Reading: Chapter 15 of Kotler text
Shield team regarding Final
Marketing Plan exercise.

Metrics and Measurements
ƒ Hard and soft metrics
ƒ Measurement resources
ƒ The real bottom line: ROMI
Marketing in Public Health
ƒ Review and discuss Prozac mid-
Required Reading: Disney Consumer
course team exercise reports
Products case, pages 1-14, and Exhibits 6, 7a- ƒ Best practices in public health
b, and 9a-b. and article and blog entries at: strategies and tactics ƒ Targeting influencers and users
ƒ Debate: Is commercial marketing
responsible for child obesity?
Discussions and team workshop
Required Reading: None
on Challenger marketing plan
Marketing Integrity and the Ethics of
Required Reading: Lynn Upshaw, “Integrating
ƒ The legal and ethical boundaries
Integrity into IMC,” Journal of Integrated of health care
Marketing Communications, January 2009. ƒ How personal integrity dictates
institutional integrity
Course Summary
ƒ Organizing for marketing
ƒ Preparing yourself for a HC
Due: 4-person Team Marketing Plan
marketing career
ƒ Recap and General Q&A
ƒ Course evaluation
Recap of Key Deadlines
Submittal Method
Fill out on Google doc: Link to be announced Post on “Assignments” section of class bSpace
Post on “Assignments” section of class bSpace
Post on “Assignments” section of class bSpace


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