84/89-2i1 le/4.96

Passive DC signal isolator

without power supply
The DC signal isolator SINEAX/EURAX 2I1 (Figs. 1 and 2) serve to
isolate load-independent DC current signals. It suppressed noise
voltages and currents in a signal loop circuit.
Features / Benefits
● Electrically insulated between input and output / Prevents the transfer of interference voltages and currents, overcomes signal connectionproblems Fig. 1. SINEAX 2I1 in housing N for rail or wall mounting.
● No power supply required / No additional wiring and no power supply ● Up to 4 DC signal isolators on a single plug-in module Available in type of protection “Intrinsic safety” [EEx ib] IIC (see“Table 4: Data on explosion protection”) Layout and mode of operation
The DC signal isolator comprises a DC chopper Z, an isolatingstage T, a rectifier R and a multivibrator M (see Fig. 3). The DCchopper converts the load independent DC signal into an AC sig-nal. This signal is passed through a ferrite-core transformer servingas an isolating stage. On the secondary side, it is rectified, smoothed Fig. 2. EURAX 2I1 with the special feature “Test sockets”, and converted into a load-independent DC signal.
front plate width 4 TE.
The chopper unit is controlled by a specially designed multivibratorwhich obtains its power from the input signal.
Depending on type no., 1, 2 or 4 independent isolators can bemounted on one plug-in module.
Technical data
Input signal E
0.5 mA to 0.20 mA, 4.20 mA(all ranges are possible with the sametype) U ≤ 15 V (see “Application example”, SINEAX / EURAX 2I1
Passive DC signal isolator

Output signal A
Accuracy data
5 kV, 1.2/50 µs surge withstand testIEC 255.4 and Surge withstand test, < – 0.1% / 100 Ω if R > 250 Ω Installation data for surface mounted housing
all current circuits against each other.
Output 1 against jumper “module wall mounting. (Dimensions see Sec-tion “Dimensional drawings”) Environmental conditions
SINEAX – 20 to + 40 °C,
EURAX – 20 to + 55 °C
Installation data for plug-in module
Plug-in range module in Euro-PCBformat, 100 × 160 mm (see Section“Dimensional drawings”) 1 and 4 see Section “Special features” Table 1: Type overview
Table 2: Specification and ordering informations
Order Code 880 –
1. Mechanical design
2) Plug-in module (EURAX) for 19″ rack-mounted case 2. Version
3. Number of isolation circuits
4. Input / output variants E and A
intrinsically safe,
intrinsically safe,
intrinsically safe
intrinsically safe
* Where signal isolators are required for wall mouting, attention must be drawn to the fact when ordering and a corresponding base plate will be fitted. SINEAX / EURAX 2I1
Passive DC signal isolator

Order Code 880 –
5. Special features
Without special features (line 0): Order code complete.
With special feature (line 1): The features to be omitted mustbe marked hereafter with / (slant line) in the order code untilreaching the required feature 6. Increased test voltage (EURAX) 1
A) Input signals against output signals and against front plate 4 kV, 50 Hz, 1 min. instead of 2 kV, 50 Hz, 1 min.
7. Test sockets (EURAX) 2
Voltage drop over field indicator resp. mA-meter ≤ 300 mVEx versions only for short term connection of a passivemeasuring instrument.
Attention! Test voltage: Sockets versus front plate only 2 kV 8. Safety current loop (EURAX) 3
A) “Module withdrawn” with jumper on transducer PCB and 9. Improved climatic rating 4
A) Annual mean relative humidity ≤ 90% instead of ≤ 75%
* Lines with letter(s) under “no-go” cannot be combined with preceding lines having the same letter under “SCODE”. 1 to 4 see Table 3 “Special features” Table 3: Special features
Test voltage (EURAX)
Safety current loop “module withdrawn” (EURAX)
(not possible for Ex version)
With jumper on transducer PCB and 2 additional contacts Output 1 against jumper “module withdrawn”: 1.5 kV Chassis against jumper “module withdrawn”: 2.5 kV Version with test sockets: Test sockets versus front Output 1 against jumper “module withdrawn”: 1.5 kV Improved climatic rating
Test sockets (EURAX)
Annual mean relative humidity ≤ 90% instead of ≤ 75%
Fitted on front plate(voltage drop over milliammeter ≤ 300 mV) Ex version only for short term connection of a passive meas-uring instrument Table 4: Data on explosion protection
II (2) G resp. II (1) G
U = 30 V
Passive DC signal isolator

Electrical connections
SINEAX 2I1 in surface mounted housing
EURAX 2I1 as plug-in module (showing rear of module)
Version with intrinsically safe inputs
Version with intrinsically safe outputs
* A safety circuit may be looped via the jumper, for signalling “mod- ule withdrawn” or “module not plugged in properly”.
Dimensional drawings
Fig. 18. EURAX 2I1, front plate width 4 TE.
Passive DC signal isolator

Application example
The output signal generated by the KINAX 3W2 is needed both for local and remote measurement.
Is the burden R2 connected across the output signal of the isolating transformer type 84-2I1-10 sufficient for local measurement?If not, then use, for example, SINEAX TV 808.
U = U – U – U – (R1 · 20 mA) = 8 V Burden R2 [] = = 400 Fig. 19. Typical circuit with an isolating transformer SINEAX 84-2I1-10, a transmitter KINAX 3W2 for angular measurement and a power supply unitSINEAX B 811. Printed in Switzerland • Subject to change without notice • Edition 11.98 • Data sheet No. 84/89-2I1 Le Aargauerstrasse 7CH-5610 Wohlen/SwitzerlandPhone +41 56 618 21 11Fax +41 56 618 24 58

Source: http://beving.se/images/files/products/Canille_Bauer_Sineax_2I1.pdf

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