Manual of Administration
Code: MD170
Date of Issue: February 1995
Revised: July 2013
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To ensure the individual(s) have an adequate supply of medication on-hand and the procedure to reorder and check for accuracy of medications received. DEFINITION:

PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS - Any medication prescribed or directed for use by a physician.
Prescription medication may come in the form of pills, cream, liquid, etc. It can also include any
over the counter products ordered such as, but not limited to, multivitamins, Hydrocortisone
Cream, Nizoral Shampoo.


Support workers will ensure that medication has been re-ordered and confirm the delivery date with the pharmacy within 3-5 days minimum prior, to the end of the supply, by telephone or in person. The support worker will record contact with the pharmacy in the daily log. The support worker will support the individual to ensure the pharmacy receives/or has received his/her monthly drug card.

Support worker receiving the blister pac(s) or prescribed medication will ensure the individual’s correct name, medication name, frequency to be taken, dosage, description of medication and the physician’s name are accurate. Support worker will check the incoming medication(s) against the pharmacist’s label and Medical/Treatment Profile. The prescription label gives the physician’s directions, dosage, number of pills and description of medication. The Medical/Treatment Profile gives an updated medical profile for the individual. If the information on the prescription label is correct, the support worker will complete the Medication/Blister Pac Checklist, as well as new Medication/Treatment sheets (either on a bi-weekly or monthly basis) if applicable. SUBJECT:
Code: MD170
Date of Issue: February
Revised: July 2013
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If the information on the prescription label differs from the medical information and is incorrect, the support worker is responsible to notify the pharmacy and Manager/On-Call Supervisor of any errors. Contact Sheets and Incident Reports are to be completed. The support worker will check each blister pac bubble to ensure the correct medication and the correct number of pills are enclosed. If there is an error with the medication in the blister pac bubble (i.e. wrong medication, pill missing), the pharmacy is to be contacted and the blister packs returned to the pharmacy for correction. Upon receipt/delivery of a new medication prescribed by the physician, the support worker is responsible to add the medication to the Medication/Treatment Sheet and update the Medical/Treatment Profile. A cross reference will be completed with the Medical Information Sheet to confirm all information is correct. Upon completion of the Medication/Blister Pac(s) Checklist, the support worker will ensure the medication(s) is stored in the designated location. The Medication/Blister Pac Checklist includes:

Source: http://www.avenueii.com/PDF/medication/MD170.pdf

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