Jeff Simpson - Birdland
"WOW! Unbelievable.headroom for days.
.weight and authority of large format consoles.huge Alabama - USA
( Trident 8T-32 with
meterbridge )
Greg Gill and Bobby
Diamond recording
"Both Boards are working out so well"! Houston - Texas
( 2 X Trident Series 8T-24
with meterbridge )
Justin Douglas
Texas - USA
( Trident Series 8T-24 )
"John Oram nailed it with the Trident 8T. For our Greg Chastain - Palm
remote, studio tracking and as a summing mixer the Dessert Studios
But most importantly it has 'The Sound.' John has California - USA
designed a great board that works in personal and pro ( 2 X Trident Series 8T-16 )
"With my digital environment I need some musical warmth, both recording and mixing Joao Barbosa - Studio R.
The Trident Series 8T gives me that in a very Lisbon - Portugal
( Trident Series 8T-16 with
The EQ gives me total sonic control.
meterbridge )
Chris Liebing - CL
"I had a big smile as soon as I heard the first sound through it and turned some EQ's.fantastic." ".Another even bigger grin when hearing the EQ's ( Trident Series 8T-24 with
meterbridge )
Orde Meikle - Soma
"We're recording our new album through it now, very Scotland
( Trident Series 8T-16 )
"Clarity, warmness, great mic pres and awesome Benoit Henriot -
This console brings me the sound I'd hoped for, for Paris France
years when mixing, and definitely rocks all my (Trident Series 8T-16 with
Emilio Urbano
Roma - Italy
( Trident 8T- 32 with
"A really warm and clean sound, great eq meterbridge )
Mondaine Recordings
Tobtob, mondaine recordings, littau, switzerland, Littau - Switzerland
"It's faboulous.using it the old-fashioned-way for ( Trident Series 8T-24 with
meterbridge )
Sylvie & André
Studio Arion
"I love the warm sound and the EQ's magic! I'm glad Nice - France
( Trident 8T- 24 with
meterbridge )
Jan Pauck
Sound Addiction Studios
I must say, we finally do our drummer justice with a LA - California
"I Immediately fell in love with it.
It sounds very open and dynamic with a firm and René Pultrum
punchy low end and crisp and airy highs and mids.
For the first time in my setup I now have the right Pultech Av
levels on the compressors and computer interface, all Hilversum, Holland
inputs and meter readings match perfectly.
It delivers a lot more then you'd expect on the first "When you get to a certain stage in music recording, you must admit that you tend to get used to a level of Steve Mundin and
quality that you achieve on a daily basis and stick with Aaron Jack
your gameplan; but, every now and then you buy a new piece of kit and know that you could never go Higher Rhythm
back to your old formula… the TRIDENT series 8T did Doncaster, UK
this for us… small board with a big big sound… the EQ is nothing short of magic and the general architecture makes you enjoy engineering all over Pedro Resende
I Love it, Eq & preamp sounds lovely, and now with ( Trident 8T- 24 with meterbridge and
aluminium control knob upgrade)
Rouen, France
More coming.
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