1997 aavp program

American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists Saturday, July 19, 1997
4:45 (6) Development of a Swine Animal
Peppermill Hotel & Casino
Model Where Opportunistic Invasion of the Colon by Campylobacter jejuni Occurs Spontaneously 12:00-3:00 AAVP Board Meeting
1:00-8:00 Speaker Prep
2:00 Registration - Ballroom Lobby
5:15 (7) Anthelmintic Use on Saskatchewan
3:00 Opening Remarks
President Peter SchantzVice President & Program Chairman 5:30 (8) A Survey of Sarcoptic Mange in
Slaughter Pigs at Seven Midwest Packing Plants Session 1: Swine, Endo & Ectoparasites
Moderators: D.P. Jasmer,
5:45 (9) Study One: Duration of Efficacy of
T.L. Skogerboe
Doramectin and Ivermectin Against Sarcoptes scabiei Var. Suis 3:30 (1) Vertical Transmission of Toxoplasma
6:00 (10) Study Two: Duration of Efficacy of
3:45 (2) Swine Immune Responses to
Toxoplasma gondii Infections and to Sarcoptes scabiei Var. suis 4:00 (3) Reversal of Trichinella spiralis
Session 2: Companion Animal,
Moderators: B.L. Blagburn,
M.W. Dryden
4:15 (4) Production and Use of Proficiency
3:30 (11) Comparative Evaluation of Flea
3:45 (12) A Retrospective Evaluation of the
4:30 (5) Field Evaluation of ELISA and Risk
H.R. Gamble, W.G. Smith, R.C. Brady, L.E. Miller 4:00 (13) Efficacy of Combined Formulation
Saturday Evening, July 19, 1997
6:15 Symposium: Problems and Solutions
Nematode Control in Grazing Cattle
4:15 (14) Control of Flea Populations on
Moderator: G. Conder
Naturally Infested Pets and in Private Residences with Either (21) Factors Influencing the Control of Ostertagia ostertagi Infections of Cattle 4:30 (15) Titration of Pyriproxyfen in Virbac
(23) Strategic Control of Nematode Parasites 4:45 (16) Persistent Ovisterilant Efficacy of
7:00-8:30 Social - sponsored by Pfizer Animal
Health, Poolside
Graduate Student Mixer, Lakeview
5:15 (17) An Investigative Study to Evaluate
Sunday Morning, July 20, 1997
Shampooing on the Efficacy of Frontline Top Spot Session 3: Cattle,Ectoparasites
Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
Moderators: S.E.Marley,
5:30 (18) Residual Efficacy of Frontline Top
W.G. Ryan
Spot for the Control of Fleas in the Cat 8:00 (24) Initial and Residual Efficacy of a
Applied to Cattle infested with Boophilus microplus (Canestrini) 5:45 (19) Comparative Studies to Evaluate
8:15 (25) Efficacy of Doramectin Pour-on
Against Damalinia bovis on Cattle L. Smith, W. Lodi, K. Rooney, 6:00 (20) Peritoneal Cestodiasis in Dogs
8:30 (26) Efficacy of Doramectin Pour-on
Against Lice, Mites, and Grubs of Cattle K. Rooney, E. Illyes, D. Keller, T. Meinert, N. Logan, G. Conder. S. Sunderland, P. Sarasola 8:45 (27) Eprinomectin: A Novel Avermectin
9:00 (34) Population Dynamics of
9:15 (35) Natural Co-Infection of a White-
9:00 (28) Efficacy of Topically Applied
J.M. Lockhart, J.E. Dawson, W.R. Davidson 9:15 (29) The History of Myiasis in the
Session 5: Modern Concepts in Nematode
Biology and Control
Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
Moderators: R.H. Fetterer,
T.G. Geary

Session 4: Wildlife Parasites
Aspen A&B
10:00 (36) Nematode Amphidial Neurons:
Moderators: A.Gajadar,
K.R. Kazacos
Putative Function and Evidence from Ablation 8:00 (30) Molecular Phylogenetic
Relationships Among Sarcocystis Species of Wild and Domestic 10:40 (37) A Conserved Signalling Pathway
11:20 (38) Pharmacology of Anthelmintic
8:15 (31) Isolation, Culture, Western Blot
like Protozoan from a Wildcaught Opossum from Michigan A.J. Murphy, P.M. Gearhart, L.S. Manfield Sunday Afternoon, July 20, 1997
8:30 (32) Recovery from Blindness Caused
Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
by Toxoplasmosis in Bennett's Wallabies (Macropus rufogriseus) 1:00 Presidential Address - Peter Schantz
1:20 Awards - Chairman Dan Synder
8:45 (33) Studies on the Large Ribosomal
Subunit to Develop a Diagnostic Test for the Identification of Elaphostrongylus cervi G.M. Falk, A.A. Gajadhar Session 6: Cattle & Avian Endoparasites
3:45 (46) Role of Interferon-Gamma and
Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
Moderators: H.D. Chapman,
J.P. Dubey
2:00 (39) Neosporosis: New Isolate
Characterizations and Insights on Pathogenesis in Cattle Session 7: Swine, Endoparasites
Aspen A&B
Moderators: C.M. Christensen,
D.E. Hill
2:00 (47) Pharmacokinetics of Doramectin
2:15 (40) Determination of the Role of BVD
Virus in Neospora caninum-Infected 2:15 (48) Duration of Activity of
2:30 (41) Oral Inoculation of Cats with
2:30 (49) Effect of Metastrongylus spp.
2:45 (42) Vaccination with Neospora
Mortality But Not Tissue Cyst Production in D.S. Lindsay, S.D. Lenz, C.C. Dykstra, B.L. Blagburn, 2:45 (50) Transmission Dynamics of
Hyostrongylus rubidus in Outdoor 3:00 (43) Diagnostic Strategies for
S. Parker, J. Campbell, H. Cook, A. Gajadhar 3:00 (51) Transmission Dynamics of Ascaris
suum and Trichuris suis in Outdoor 3:15 (44) Transport and Culture Conditions
3:15 (52) Effect of Protease Inhibitors on in
vitro Development of the Third- to Fourth-Stage of Ascaris suum M.L. Rhoads, R.H. Fetterer 3:30 (45) Development of Immunity to
Eimeria Species in Broilers Reared
3:30 (53) Effect of Disulfiram on Eggshell
3:45 (54) Studies of Reproduction Biology of
6:00 (61) Productivity of Stocker Cattle
vs. Benzimidazole Anthelmintics and Topical Fenthion from Grazing to Slaughter Session 8: Cattle, Endo Parasites
Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
Moderators: S. Almeria,
J.A. Stuedemann
Session 9: Companion Animal, Endo
4:30 (55) Paraban, a Window-based Model
Aspen A&B
Moderators: C.H. Courtney,
J.W. McCall
4:30 (62) Canine Heartworm Prophylaxis by
4:45 (56) Control of Gastrointestinal
4:45 (63) Correlation of Mosquito Species
5:00 (57) Gastrointestinal Nematode
M. Eysker, J.H. Boersema, J.B. Githiori, F.N.J. Kooyman 5:00 (64) Development of a Molecular Probe
5:15 (58) Cattle Management to Reduce
T.B. Stewart, D.H. Seman, S.R. Wilkinson, A.J. Franzluebbers, 5:15 (65) Canine Filariasis in California:
5:30 (59) Lungworm Outbreak in Lactating
5:45 (60) Evaluation of Anthelmintic
5:30 (66) Canine Filariasis Due to
5:45 (67) Canine Filariasis Due to
6:00 (68) Canine Filariasis Due to
9:15 (74) Comparison of Efficacy of
6:15 Symposium: The Quest for a New
Generation of Worm Control
Manzanita A&B
Sponsored by Fort Dodge Animal
Health to be immediately followed by
a social sponsored by Fort Dodge
Animal Health

9:30 (75) Characterization of Turkey
Monday Morning, July 21, 1997
Fenbendazole Medicated Feed in the Treatment of Nematode Parasitisms of the Turkey Session 10: Cattle - Endoparasites
Redwood, Sequoia
Moderators: T.A. Yazwinski
G.L. Zimmerman
Session 11: Ruminant-Endoparasites
8:00 (69) Evaluation of Coat Length, Rainfall,
Moderators: T.M. Craig,
A.M. Zajac
8:00 (76) Field Efficacy of Doramectin Pour-
on Against Naturally-Acquired Nematode Infections of Cattle 8:15 (70) The Efficacy of an Eprinomectin
Pour on Product Against Cooperia spp and Nematodirus helvetianus J.S. Eagleson, D. Farrington, 8:15 (77) Therapeutic Efficacy of Doramectin
8:30 (71) Efficacy of Eprinomectin Pour-on
Ostertagia spp J.C. Williams, J.A. Stuedemann, K. Bairden, D. Kerboeuf, H. Ciordia, J. Hubert, S.D. Broussard 8:45 (72) Persistent Efficacy of Doramectin
Pour-on Against Artificially-Induced Infections of Nematodes in Cattle G. Zimmerman, E. Johnson, R. Prichard, M. Molento, C. Trudeau, S. Marley, G. Conder 9:00 (73) Persistent Efficacy of Doramectin
8:30 (78) Verification of R DrenchRite (For
10:45 (86) Giardia and Cryptosporidium in
8:45 (79) Multiple Anthelmintic Resistance in
11:00 (87) Giardia and Cryptosporidium in
B. Ralston-Chalmers, M.E. Olson, N. J. Guselle, T.A. McAllister 9:00 (80) The Use of Tracer Lambs to
Evaluate the Transmission and Survival of
11:15 (88) Immune Response in Lambs
M.E. Olson, S. Yanke, H. Ceri, D.W. Morck, T.A. McAllister 9:15 (81) Composition of Parasite Burden in
11:30 (89) Local Ileal Immune Responses in
A. Canals, P. Pasquali, D.S. Zarlenga, S. Almeria, 9:30 (82) Dynamics of Fossaria cubensis
Populations in Florida: Relationship to the Epidemiology and Control of 11:45 (90) Cloning and Expression of Bovine
R. Fayer, P. Pasquali, P.C. Boyd, S. Almeria, D.S. Zarlenga Session 12: Cattle-Endoparasites
Redwood, Sequoia
12:00 LUNCH
Moderators: B.E. Stromberg,
D.S. Zarlenga

Session 13: Companion Animal-

10:00 (83) Pathophysiology of
Moderators: P.J. Scholl,
T.B. Stewart
10:00 (91) Integrated Tick Control: New
10:15 (84) Pathophysiology of Giardiasis in
10:15 (92) Integrated Tick Control: New
10:30 (85) Longitudinal Study of Giardia and
10:30 (93) Efficacy of Two Ixodicide Collars
Against Natural Infestation with the Brown Dog Tick A. Estrada-Pena, F. Ascher 10:45 (94) Antifixing + Antifeeding Effect of
2:30 (101) Epidemiology of GI Nematodes in
M. Pena, J.E. Miller, W. Wyatt, S.R. Barras, Y. Li, E. Kabagambe 11:00 (95) Killing Effect of Two Ixodicide
2:45 (102) Role of Inhibited Early Fourth-
Response to Ostertagia ostertagi (OST) 11:15 (96) Efficacy of a 1% (S)-Methoprene -
Collar Against the Cat Flea and Brown Dog Tick 3:00 (103) Comparison of Natural and
11:30 (97) Residual Efficacy of Frontline Top
3:15 (104) Mucosal Immunity of Cattle
11:45 (98) A New Species of Demodicid Mite
12:00 LUNCH
3:30 (105) Comparison of GI Nematode
Monday Afternoon, July 21, 1997
Native, Suffolk and Crossbred F1 Lambs Y. Li, J.E. Miller, D.E. Franke, S.R. 1:00 Business Meeting
Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
Session 14: Cattle-Endoparasites
Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
Moderators: J.E. Miller,
Session 15: Companion Animal-
J.C. Williams
2:00 (99) Use of Geometric Means in Parasite
Moderators: A.R. Donoghue,
R.K. Ridley
G.F. Ericsson, R.A. Barrick, C.P. Daurio, W.K. Langholff 2:00 (106) Strategic Use of Ivermectin During
2:15 (100) Prevalence of Parasite
2:15 (107) A Case of Pseudoparasitism Due
2:30 (108) Inflammatory Lung Disease from
4:45 (116) Immunoprotective Properties and
Dirofilaria immitis Infections in Cats H.D.F.H. Schallig, M.A.W. van Leeuwen, 2:45 (109) Regional, Clinical Case Studies of
Feline Heartworm Infection C.K. Robertson, A.R. Dillon, 5:00 (117) Field Evaluation of H11-H-gal-GP
Vaccine Against Haemonchus contortus in Suffolk and Gulf 3:00 (110) Feline Heartworm Infection:
3:15 (111) Comparison of Antibody and
5:15 (118) Serum Antibody Response of Four
3:30 (112) Canine Hepatozoonosis Newly
Endemic to Oklahoma R.J. Panciera, J.S. Mathew, 5:30 (119) Characterization of Hemolytic
Activity from Adult Heamonchus contortus 3:45 REFRESHMENTS
Session 16: Sheep-Endoparasites
5:45 (120) Toxic Activity of Crystals from
Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
Bacillus thuringiensis (Strain YBT- Moderators: H. Schallig,
J.F. Urban
contortus In Vitro Y. Baoan, W. Xiang, Z. Junlong, 4:00 (113) Evidence for Reversible Inhibition
of Abomasal Acid Secretion in Sheep Infected with Ostertagia Session 17: Equine-Endoparasites
H. Hertzberg, L. Kohler, J. Eckert Moderator: D.D. French,
D.E. Granstrom

4:15 (114) Gut Secretory Antigens of
Haemonchus contortus: Gene Isolation and 4:00 (121) In Vitro Cultivation and
Sarcocystis falcatula and S. 4:30 (115) Production of a Monoclonal
4:15 (122) Experimental Reproduction
ofSarcocystis neurona Induced Encephalitis 4:30 (123) Experimental Induction of Equine
Tuesday Morning, July 22, 1997
Horses Using Sarcocystis sp. Sporocysts from the Opossum Special Symposium - Advances in Cestode
Research - Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
D.E. Granstrom, C.K. Fenger, A.A. Gajadhar, N.M. Williams, S.A. McCrillis, S. Stamper, 8:00 INTRODUCTION
8:05 (129) The Species Question in
4:45 (124) Anthelmintic Resistance on
T.F. Woods, T.J. Lane, Q.-Y. Zeng, C.H. Courtney 8:25 (130) Echinococcus multilocularis and
5:00 (125) Dose Confirmation Trial of
8:55 (131) Echinococcus multilocularis in
5:15 (126) Comparison of the Recovery of
9:10 (132) Cystic Echinococcosis in Africa
9:30 (133) Development and Application of
5:30 (127) Remanent Effect of a 2% Equine
J. Vercruysse, M. Eysker, D. Demeulenaere, K. Smets, 10:00 REFRESHMENTS
AAVP/AAVI Joint Symposium - Immune
5:45 (128) Comparison of Diagnostic
Response Against Parasites at
Mucosal Surfaces
Pinion, Redwood, Sequoia
Moderator: L.C. Gasbarre
10:15 (134) The Mucosal Immune System:
6:00 Symposium - Technical Update on
Advantage sponsored by
Bayer Corporation
Manzanita A&B
10:45 (135) Immunity to Trichomonad
6:45 Social sponsored by Bayer Corporation
Manzanita A&B
11:15 (136) Immune Responses in Intestinal
Mucosa to Cryptosporidium parvum C.R. Wyatt 11:45 (137) Immunity to GI Nematodes:
Induced Effector Mechanisms J.F. Urban, Jr.
12:15 LUNCH
Tuesday Afternoon
AAVP/AVMA Joint Symposium- Advances
and Controversies in Veterinary
Convention Center Rm. B-10
Moderator: P.M. Schantz

1:40 (138) Understanding Persistent and
Recurrent Flea Problems and the Importance of Parasites of Urban Life M.W. Dryden 2:20 (139) Dangerous Liaisons: Zoonotic
Helminths Acquired from Pets and Urban Wildlife K.R. Kazacos 3:00 REFRESHMENTS
3:30 (140) Heartworms: Is the Transmission
4:00 (141) Public Health and Veterinary
Concerns About Waterborne Cryptosporidiosis D.D. Juranek 4:30 (142) Lyme Borreliosis: Clinical and
Epidemiologic Significance for Veterinary Medicine K.A. Orloski

Source: http://www.aavp.org/documents/2012/03/aavp-1997-annual-meeting-program.pdf


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